University of New Hampshire psychology professor William Woodward has publicly theorized that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington were orchestrated by – the United States government!

He has also written in a daily newspaper article in July that the United States has been “directly complicit” in committing “atrocities against the Palestinians.”

“The U.S. should stop support of Israel until it returns its 10,000 kidnapped victims, withdraws from settlements and pays reparations.”

This tenured professor’s astounding announcement of U.S. orchestration of 9/11 has evoked the following statement by New Hampshire’s Democrat Governor John Lynch, on Aug. 24:

“Completely crazy and offensive. Although academic freedom is important, if this UNH professor is promoting that view, it reflects a reckless disregard for the true facts and raises questions as to why such a professor would be teaching at the university in the first place.”

Gov. Lynch served for three years as president of the University of New Hampshire Alumni Association.

But professor Woodward is a member of an organization called “Scholars for 9/11 Truth,” which contends that the Bush administration permitted the terrorist attacks to occur – and may even have planned them.

He is also a member of New Hampshire Peace Action. In May, Woodward and five other demonstrators were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing during an anti-war protest at the Dover office of Republican Rep. Jeb Bradley.

And how have New Hampshire officials besides the governor reacted?

The New Hampshire Union-Leader quotes two involved leaders with what might be called mixed opinions:

“Andy Lietz, chairman of the system’s Board of Trustees, said he asked university administrators to review Woodward’s comments in the classroom. He maintained, however, that Woodward may belong to any organization he chooses, and that he may present controversial material so long as he does it responsibly.

“‘I think he’s absolutely wrong, and I’m disappointed that he would have those positions,’ Lietz said. ‘But he’s an individual, and he has a right to have positions, as you and I have a right to have positions.'”

But, I ask, should all New Hampshire taxpayers be forced to pay taxes that fund the salary of this university professor who teaches students that the United States government was responsible for destroying the World Trade Center and attacking the Pentagon?

And what about the university’s interim president, J. Bonnie Newman, who reacted to all of this by the memorable statement:

“UNH encourages the open inquiry of ideas.

“For me, there is no doubt that this tragic incident was the result of terrorists who had one objective in mind: to destroy the United States of America, the freedoms we enjoy and the principles that guide our democracy.”

However, she said, “Among those principles is freedom of speech.”

Which simply begs the question, should the University of New Hampshire hire or tolerate a professor who publicly denied the historical existence of the Holocaust?

The Union-Leader’s executive editor, Joseph McQuaid, writes:

“It is not surprising that the university hierarchy has rallied around the professor, in one breath claiming to abhor his whacko views and in the next not only defending his right to hold them, which is correct, but also insisting that he has the right to present them in class so long as he does it responsibly!

“University System trustees Chairman Andrew Lietz said this and also said that Woodward may belong to any organization he chooses. Really? Does Chairman Leitz include the North American Man-Boy Love Association on that list? The Ku Klux Klan? How about al-Qaida?”

At the White House daily news briefing, presidential press secretary Tony Snow described professor Woodward as a whacko.

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