When Terry Hunt, the AP White House correspondent, asked if he could not follow up – once – he was told by President Bush:

“No, you can’t. … If we follow up we’re not going to get …” and he went to another reporter.

And later in this news conference – in which he gave very long answers – the president made the following statement:

“Everybody is going to get one.”

But NBC’s notorious fighter with White House press secretaries, David Gregory, was allowed by the president to voice not one, but five different questions or interjected observations.

Then, later, with the New York Times reporter, there ensued the following, which consumed as much excessive time as Mr. Bush yielded to NBC:

THE PRESIDENT: Let’s see, New York Times, Sheryl.

Q: Hi, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Fine. How are you doing?

Q: I’m well today, thank you. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Did you start with, hi, Mr. President?

Q: Hello, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: OK, that’s fine. Either way, that’s always a friendly greeting, thank you.

Q: We’re a friendly newspaper.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. (Laughter.) Let me just say, I’d hate to see unfriendly. (Laughter.)

Q: Mr. President –

THE PRESIDENT: Want me to go on to somebody else, and you collect your – (laughter.) Sorry, go ahead, Sheryl.

Finally, after all this internationally televised badinage, she got to her question.

I recall there were at least 30 reporters on the third and fourth rows. Not one of us was able to ask even one question during this entire 59-minute press conference.

Think about that.

One half of all the reporters who attended that press conference were never allowed to ask a question because the president spent so much time kidding with part of the Old and very left-wing Big Media.

I believe we could understand the president’s very lengthy answers. What was neither understandable – nor fair – was his allowing NBC five, and his engaging in further time consumption with the New York Times, both of which have repeatedly demonstrated that they hate his guts.

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