San Diego council members Scott Peters and Toni Atkins and Atkin’s ‘partner’ Jennifer LeSar

A Christian organization trying to give the San Diego city council documentation of children being exposed to obscene materials at the 2006 San Diego ‘Gay’ Pride parade were ordered not to show the materials – by a councilman who was in the parade.

The report comes from James Hartline, a Christian activist who recently attempted to present the council with a Power Point presentation of photographs taken during the parade and its accompanying festival a few months ago.

The censorship happened Sept. 12 when Hartline was blocked from showing images of the parade by Councilman Scott Peters, who along with Councilwoman Toni Atkins helped pass the resolution a few months ago declaring San Diego ‘Gay’ Pride Week.

“Why this councilman decided to disallow photographs of an event that he participated in, and sanctioned, is cause for serious concern,” Priscilla Schreiber, an elected member of the Grossmont Union High school district, who was at the meeting, said.

Peters, Atkins and Atkins’ “partner,” Jennifer LeSar, appeared in the parade at that event.

Hartline and a team of about 30 Christians were at the recent council meeting to display evidence of the behavior to which San Diego school children were exposed.

Peters’ refusal to allow Hartline to participate in a political process to which others have access may present problems eventually, Hartline said.

“When you deny one citizen the same rights and opportunities that you are affording others, then you are crossing the line into discrimination and constitutional violations,” said Hartline.

He said a legal team was asked to review the situation, but no decisions had been made immediately.

The disagreement between Hartline and Peters also has been posted at an online location where the Time Ruler needs to be set to 1:11.35

The video shows Peters telling Hartline, “I can’t allow you to put those pictures on television,” even though the pictures were taken at the “gay” pride parade in which Peters was appearing.

“The irony and hypocrisy of Peters regarding his actions against Hartline is most evident as Peters had encouraged San Diegans to attend the parade and festival when he voted to issue the proclamation to honor the homosexual event,” the Hartline Report said.

He said San Diego residents have a right to show three minutes of photographs for broadcast on public access television of any city-sanctioned event, yet the images of this parade were disallowed.

Hartline earlier had reported that elementary-age students were assigned to march in the parade under the banner of a San Diego public school, amidst triple-X rated behavior by “gay” activists.

Those were some of the images he was prepared to present to the council when he was censored, he said.

Hartline reported that his photographer snapped pictures of the children in the promotional event for the homosexual lifestyle, and during his investigation he found that the school district even used a similar picture to publicize its activities.

One photograph showed a group of clearly-elementary age children with some adults and a banner that reads: “San Diego Cooperative Charter School.”

“How the teachers of an elementary school thought it was okay to march as a group under the official banner of the charter school along with children is beyond the pale of anything that the taxpayers and parents of San Diego ever envisioned when they voted to allow the establishment of the public satellite charter schools,” Hartline said.

He noted that the school’s website carries the slogan: “You’ve never seen a public school like this one!”

The disagreements between Peters and the Christians of San Diego have been going on for several years, Hartline said. Peters also has worked to remove the cross from a veterans’ memorial atop Mt. Soledad, an issue that already has reached to Congress.

There, representatives decided the cross should be left where it is – as part of a national facility.

There also was a firestorm when Peters, who is a donor to the Planned Parenthood abortion business, used his council vote to declare a day in honor of Mark Salo, a former executive for that same business.

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