The Sept. 14 New York Times devoted nearly one full page to what was headlined as “Plaintiff in pivotal sodomy case dies” – and his obituary – and “Gay groups renew drive against ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.'”

This latter article has no mention of what would happen to our armed forces recruiting if Don’t-ask-don’t-tell were abolished. Army recruits would be subject to the orders of sodomist sergeants in their barracks. Submariners would be under the orders of freely identified homosexually active chief petty officers.

It can be wondered why this alleged “newspaper of record” has been so repeatedly promotional of sodomy acceptance – while failing to promote acceptance of all sexual orientations, a number of which like pederasty, bestiality and sadomasochism have nothing of the enormous death rate of sodomy due to AIDS and syphilis.

Among the newly reported sexual orientations, the Internet cites the Birmingham Post report that the Spanner Trust is a homosexual sado-masochist organization.

Its members have publicly condemned the efforts of the British government to criminalize possession of S&M pornography.

The second paragraph of this news story contains information to boggle one’s mind; a new high in the horrendous:

“The trust is named after the Spanner trial, which took place in 1990. This trial resulted in the conviction of 16 gay males for engaging in S&M, which included nailing their penises to boards.”

Just think about that!

Sixteen allegedly sane homosexual sadomasochists found guilty of nailing their male sex organs to boards in Birmingham.

Spanner Trust Secretary Derek Cohen has criticized the Home Office for criminalizing S&M pornography. According to Cohen, “There is a danger of not just criminalizing people but putting a lot of fear into people who will be concerned that taking photographs of their own private sexual activities will send them to prison.”

I am compelled to wonder what these Spannerites do to other parts of their male sexual anatomy.

Chairman of the Spanner Trust is John Pendal, winner of the 25th International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago in 2003.

Treasurer of the Trust is Ian Gurnhill, who describes himself as an “out gay kinky fetish action player.” He was a member of Chicago’s Hell Fire Club in the 1990s before returning home to Britain to join the Spanner Trust.

Ladies and gentlemen: Can you imagine what went on in Chicago’s Hell Fire Club in the 1990s?

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