Osama bin Laden died within days of contracting typhoid fever in Pakistan last month, according to unnamed Saudi police sources quoted today in the French daily L’Est Republicain.

“According to a commonly reliable source, the Saudi police believe that Osama Bin Laden has died,” said a Sept. 21 confidential note transmitted by the Directorate-General of External Services.

According to the note to be published by the L’Est Republicain, the Saudi police “would try to obtain more details, in particular the location of the burial site, and then announce the news officially.” The DGSE specified in the note that no “jihadist Internet site has for the moment been made aware of the death of Osama bin Laden.”

According to the note, “the head of al-Qaida may have fallen victim to a strong case of typhoid fever while in Pakistan, on August 23, 2006,” and may have died within a matter of days.

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