A foreigner has come into America and called George W. Bush the devil, dangerously incompetent, an alcoholic, a sick man, and, for all we know, a bad cook and lousy Jenga player. A foreigner! That’s sacred domestic ground, and some members of Congress aren’t going to stand for it.

Chavez did hit one issue close to the mark during his visit to New York, however. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Last week, Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez spoke to the United Nations. The Wile E. Coyote of international organizations sent for, and received, yet another package from ACME Inc.

Highlighting just how tolerant Satan seems to be as it concerns allowing tinpot goons in his country to say whatever they please, Chavez called George W. Bush ”the devil” among other choice words. Later, Chavez went to a Harlem Democrat campaign rally – I mean, a church ? and said that Bush is a puffed up John Wayne wannabe and “a sick man” while carpet bombing the proletariat into submission with promises of cheap oil. The crowd, led by actor/activist Danny Glover, who I understand is going to play a dual role in an upcoming film about a taxi driver who refuses to pick himself up, roared their approval.

Then, something seemingly amazing happened. Many Democrats slapped down the oil-covered hand of Chavez as if he was caught trying to unbutton the blouse of the woman whose bra was stuffed with their campaign finances. Democrats you wouldn’t have thought would come to Bush’s defense did so, and quickly. Chuck Schumer and Charles Rangel, the New York tag-team who are, on any other day, wildly swinging sticks at any number of Bush administration pinatas, were soon out warning Chavez not to bash Bush. Even Nancy Pelosi’s facelift tightened to DefCon-1 at the foreign intrusion, and the California liberal immediately called Chavez a ”thug.”

Why? It’s entirely possible that Chavez was simply infringing on congressional Democrat copyright. Why would Democrats want Chavez to get valuable anti-Bush face time when he isn’t even on any U.S. ballot – yet?

But still, this is the same Charlie Rangel who said that Bush concocted the war and it’s the ”biggest fraud ever committed on the people of this country.” Accusing somebody of killing people for a bogus and phony reason is a nasty accusation isn’t it? It seems as if Rangel should have been bear-hugging Chavez instead of calling him out for bashing Bush.

Pelosi pretty much agrees with Rangel, as she’s said the war was put forth on a ”basis of unproven assertions, without evidence. He (Bush) used a doctrine, a dangerous doctrine, of preemptive strike, which is unprecedented in our history.” Harsh and pointed allegations. Why get mad at some foreign leader who calls the guy who they say did those all things a sick man?

Maybe the answer is as simple as cats don’t like cats from other neighborhoods messing with their ball of yarn. Or perhaps American public opinion and perception of Chavez has something to do with it. After all, nobody gets to Congress and stays there by being ignorant of polling data that isn’t currently in their favor.

What Chavez got right…nearly

That’s right, Hurricane Hugo blew through Manhattan and did manage to get one observation right on the money–sort of. Chavez called the current system under which the United Nations operates ”collapsed and useless.” He’s also seeking a Security Council seat in said ”collapsed and useless” organization. Then, Hugo said he’d be happy if the ”useless” U.N. would move their headquarters to his country instead of in New York City. If those two statements aren’t in the true dizzying bureaucratic spirit of the United Nations, then nothing is.

The U.N.’s system is collapsed and useless? The U.N is that system, and that sytem is the U.N. If Chavez were to equate the U.N. with the Titanic sinking, he’d argue that ”the ship didn’t fail, the system aboard did,” while completely ignoring the fact that the U.N. is, in fact, the iceberg.

Chavez is right about another issue as well: It’s time for the U.N. to move. This won’t happen at any time soon though, as the U.N. headquarters in New York recently received a $2 billion ”extreme home makeover: bureaucrat edition.” Like jurors sequestered in a Four Seasons, it could prove tough to get them out of there.

By the way, if Schumer, Rangel and Pelosi really wanted to get Hugo Chavez to shut up and go away, all they had to do was point and say, ”Hey, isn’t that Pat Robertson?”

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