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School sends out report cards to non-students

A school district near St. Louis has dispatched a number of report cards to people who weren’t attending classes, but it calls the faux pax helpful since officials now know there’s a problem.

According to a report on KSDK television, a “handful” of students who transferred out of the area received the teachers’ reports.

“No it doesn’t look good on the district or the teachers in the classroom that she attended but I believe as a district this is helpful to us because we like to know where we made mistakes,” Bridgette Willis, a district official, told the station.

An out-of-date computer system, possible mistakes by new employees, and a less-than-sufficient record-keeping system all are issues that are being reviewed, officials said.

Supt. Henry Williams

But they confirmed the error happened at least five times when students left the Riverview Gardens district, only to keep getting reports on their progress.

A query from NewsChannel 5 got the office of Supt. Henry Williams involved in the situation, and Willis said officials will try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We have to take into consideration human error and computer error but that still does not excuse the mistake that was made per the student because we consider our students our number one priority,” Willis said.

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