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Serial molester given 90-year prison term

A man whose prosecution for repeatedly sexually assaulting his step-daughters was accomplished after the state attorney general sought abortion clinic records of assaults on minors now has been sentenced to prison for 90 years.

Officials with Operation Rescue said that Robert A. Estrada was sentenced on Wednesday to the term in a Kansas prison.

“He actually got the maximum,” Cheryl Sullenger, the media and outreach coordinator for the organization, told WND after the sentencing by Judge Gregory Waller in Sedgwick County District Court in Wichita.

“We’re really glad he got the maximum sentence,” she said, although she noted he could be out of prison in as little as 25 years under the state’s sentencing requirements.

“Having him off the streets for 25 years is good,” she said.

Operation Rescue said it had uncovered documentation showing that Estrada, whose assaults resulted in four pregnancies and two abortions, was caught with the help of abortion clinic medical records that had been subpoenaed by Attorney General Phill Kline in his investigation into possible crimes at abortion clinics.

Phil Kline

Kline is facing a tough re-election battle, as WND reported earlier, because wealthy opponents to his investigations are pursuing a campaign against him.

His plan was to investigate the repeated cases of sexual assaults on children in Kansas, evidenced by the fact girls as young as 10 were having abortions. In Kansas, by law that is a confirmed case of a sexual assault on a minor.

State law also requires officials who are in a position to know the circumstances to report such crimes, however, none of those cases involving children obtaining abortions ever had been reported to authorities.

Kline sought records from various abortion businesses, and those records, along with those provided by an adoption group that had seen one of the girls, resulted in Estrada’s capture, Operation Rescue said.

The sentencing was on nine felony counts of rape and indecent liberties with a child. His wife, Patricia L. Estrada, earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment and already is in prison.

This is the type of case that Kline is pursuing in his battle for certain abortion clinic records, because the abuse went unreported for years, even though the pregnancies and abortions obviously confirmed the problem, officials said.

Abortionist Sherman Zaremski and workers at Central Women’s Services in Wichita, where the abortions were done to the underage girls, allegedly did not report the suspected rapes as required by law, Operation Rescue said.

“This case alone validates Kline’s abortion clinic investigations and subpoenas for medical records,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is no doubt that without the medical records produced by Central Women’s Services in response to Kline’s subpoenas, those girls would still be enduring unspeakable abuse to this day.”

Kline’s demand for those medical records has prompted a serious assault on his political life since Planned Parenthood, which is a major operation in the abortion industry, potentially could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayers’ funds nationwide if it is found to have failed to abide by state laws.

Kline notes that state records confirm that in 2003 alone, 78 girls under the age of 15 had abortions in Kansas. By law, that amounts to 78 cases of sexual assault on a child.

In granting Kline’s records request for the records, a state judge said, “Without access to the medical records, how is the attorney general going to make a reasonably informed judgment as to whether the records do or do not contain evidence of a crime?”

But abortion industry interests then appealed immediately to the state Supreme Court and started holding news conferences about how Kline was seeking private information about those who obtained abortions.

Kline said six different counties in Kansas have been able to prosecute – so far – as a result of his efforts.

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