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This brand new release by New York Times best-selling authors Michael Evans and Jerome Corsi is a terrifying examination of how Iran’s president, Mahoud Ahmadinejad, believes he has a “divine mission” to usher in the apocalypse and thereby herald the second coming of a Shia Muslim messiah.

A radical Shiite zealot, Ahmadinejad is trying to achieve this destruction by building his nuclear arsenal while threatening to cripple America and destroy Israel in a nuclear holocaust.

Even at the United Nations last month, Ahmadinejad called fervently for Islam’s fabled messiah, or “Mahdi,” to come to earth. But few people realized the terrifying truth behind his words: Islam teaches this “last days” coming of the “Mahdi” can happen only after an apocalyptic holocaust that leaves most of the world’s population dead – making Iran’s nuclear ambitions suddenly much more understandable – and much scarier.

“Showdown with Nuclear Iran” is the ultimate authority on the frightening motives of Iran’s leader. And it predicts what horrors are in store for America if Ahmadinejad has his way.

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