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Fox News bans ad critical of Clinton

A new television ad that is part of a campaign by the Move America Forward organization to counter ex-President Bill Clinton’s recent assertions about his administration’s efforts to combat Islamic terrorism has been rejected by Fox News.

“Fox News Channel told Move America Forward that they had decided under no circumstances would they allow the organization to broadcast the ad,” Debra Argel Bastian, the group’s military outreach coordinator, said.

A spokesman for Fox News told WND that the advertisement made a claim about Clinton that wasn’t documented, so the ad wasn’t accepted.

“That’s standard operating procedure for Fox News,” he said. “If there’s something (like that) in an ad, we ask for documentation for it.”

The ad in dispute can be seen at the group’s website, or via YouTube.

Images from the Move America Forward ad

As WND reported, Clinton erupted several weeks ago in a televised interview on Fox when he was asked whether his administration had done all it could to capture or destroy Osama bin Laden.

Clinton on Fox program.

Jabbing his finger at his interviewer he heatedly said that he had done more and gotten closer to destroying bin Laden than anyone else. That statement has since been contradicted by former CIA experts, who said Clinton probably missed at least eight opportunities for removing bin Laden from the terror war.

That was the issue, the Fox official said, that caused the rejection. Documentation about Clinton’s knowledge of bin Laden’s location during his presidency was required for that ad to air, he said.

“We asked for documentation to back up that claim, and the organization was not able to provide it,” he told WND.

Move America Forward’s television ad campaign is to explain its criticism of Clinton, and one of those ads shows a series of images of terror attacks on the U.S. and its interests.

Over the images of the terror attacks, a narrator says, “Terrorists want to kill us. They’ve tried over and over again. Our president didn’t have his eye on the ball. He didn’t make the war on terrorism his top priority. But enough about Bill Clinton. Today our troops are fighting the terrorist threat overseas so America may never face attacks on our soil again.”

With the video moving through images of the military troops to George W. Bush, it continues: “We salute our commander in chief and the brave men and women of the U.S. military for defending our freedom.”

And returning to an image of Clinton, it concludes: “Even though others failed to act.”

The nation’s largest pro-troop organization said the ad “counters former President Bill Clinton’s recent assertions about his administration’s effort to combat Islamic terrorism.”

The group noted the popular video-posting site YouTube recently had imposed a restriction on anyone wanting to watch a video critical of Clinton that was from Hollywood producer David Zucker.

“Now, Fox News Channel has decided to prohibit the airing of a new television commercial that is equally critical of President Clinton’s efforts – or lack thereof – to fight terrorism,” Bastian said.

“But the decision by Fox is most surprising given the fact that two networks considered to be more liberal in their news perspectives, CNN and Headline News, had approved the ad,” she said.

An e-mail request to CNN for a comment did not produce an immediate response.

Move America Forward said it has been broadcasting ads on the Fox News Channel for two years and was “stunned” by the prohibition on its new product.

Bastian, a Gold Star Mother whose son Derek Argel died in Operation Iraqi Freedom, expressed her disappointment.

“I urge them to reverse this regrettable decision. I do not understand why they think this message should not be allowed to be broadcast to the American people. The ad is completely truthful and it is also patriotic. Is there something wrong with either of those attributes?” she asked.

The decision on the advertisement also may be part of a larger issue: whether Fox’s parent company, News Corporation, and founder Rupert Murdoch, are taking steps to realign their political position.

Fox recently had invited Clinton to appear on television to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative, and New York magazine recently ran a story, “Rupert Murdoch F.O.B. (and Hillary)” which reported that its “source” talked of further expansion of Murdoch’s involvement with the Clintons as Hillary Clinton’s Senate re-election campaign draws to a close in a few weeks.

“The incongruous Murdoch-Clinton romance, which has been hot for the past year or so, shows no sign of cooling down,” the magazine said.

The New York Daily News also had noted that Murdoch hosted a fundraiser for the New York senator.

Reuters, too, has reported that Murdoch has been praising Clinton “as an effective leader.”

Move America Forward notes that Clinton initially was supportive of the war in Iraq. Earlier television ads produced by the group actually praised him for joining the war on terror.

Last year, Move America Forward spearheaded a TV ad campaign targeting the United Nations.

The Gold Star Mothers program works to reach out to wounded veterans and families of those lost in war.

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