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Sheehan fans bonkers over 'American Mourning'

What are Cindy Sheehan fans saying about the early sales and high-profile publicity a new book highly critical of the anti-war figure is getting?

They are calling one of the authors “fat.” They are calling another one a “whore.” They are using the “b-word” about both of them. And those are the calmer reactions.

Supporters of Sheehan have become enraged at the success that the new patriotic book, “American Mourning,” the latest release from WND Books written by talk-radio star Melanie Morgan and veteran journalist Catherine Moy.

“American Mourning: A Story of Two Families Torn By War, Torn By Beliefs,” relates the tragic loss of two young soldiers in Iraq and how the reactions of their families – the Sheehans and the Johnsons – were poles apart, just as the American nation is split over the value of taking out terrorists overseas instead of in our backyards.

With the book climbing up the best-seller lists, anti-war activists have launched an online campaign to discredit the authors in a desperate effort to stall the growing sales momentum and bring a halt to the media attention it is generating. That has meant a series of vicious attacks on Moy and Morgan, who are both ardent supporters of the U.S. military and the war against terrorism.

The political website Crooks and Liars attacked Morgan as a “a fringe talk-show host” who was leader of “the low-class MAF organization.” However, despite the criticism, Morgan’s talk-radio show is one of the highest-rated drive time programs in the San Francisco media market – one of the largest markets in the nation.

The attack on Morgan’s leadership of the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, seems designed to diminish her credentials as a prominent supporter of the men and women of the United States military. Move America Forward is the nation’s largest grass-roots pro-troop organization and has shipped over 16 tons of coffee, cookies, beef jerky and Gatorade to U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last year, Morgan led a delegation to Iraq to show their support for U.S. troops – she rode up and down the legendary “Highway of Death” seven different times, and won the Associated Press’ “Mark Twain Journalism Award” for excellence in reporting from Iraq.

None of that mitigated the anger of Sheehan’s supporters, however.

“I’ve really had it with these miscreants who attack Sheehan,” declared the Crooks and Liar contributor who authored the attack piece against Morgan.

The attacks only deteriorated into vulgarity and insult-laden jeers from hundreds of commentators at the website who jumped on “American Mourning” co-authors Morgan and Moy with a vengeance:

“Michelle Malkin, Mary Matalin, Melanie Morgan… These right-wing
b——s all have the same initials of MM.”

“if i call those 2 women whores, then that’s MY responsibility.”

” Bibi — but then that would be an insult to whores.”

” jeez, what a couple of b——.”

“Until these b—— have lost a son or husband in this war, they should
keep their pie holes shut.”

“That one on the left really needs to work on her eating disorder before
she starts pointing that sausage finger.”

Finally, the comments became so over the top that the website owner intervened and instructed participants to ease up on their attacks. The site owner deleted dozens of the most offensive and vulgar posts, but dozens of new attacks were posted and not removed by the website’s administrator:

“When Melanie’s cohort says “the truth isn’t conservative, it is what it is and needs to be told” I SOOOO wanted Colmes to go, “Ok, you’re fat and ugly.”

“When that cow leaned across I thought for a second Alan was going to slap her and her b—-.”

“Melanie Morgan is a no talent bottom feeder…She doesn’t know what she’s talking about…she is narrow minded and spews Bush administration talking points. She’s is an ignorant slut.”

“Hmm…seems to me that they haven’t gotten “any” and that is why they’ve lashed out at Cindy the way they have.”

Perhaps a “visitation” day at an all-male prison would be just okay for these imbecils??

“What have these two demented hags sacrificed for their country?”

The campaign against Morgan and Moy has now expanded to include David Brock’s Media Matters website.

The anger by the participants seems to have confused them on some of the essential points of their protests. One individual criticized Morgan’s employment at a Republican political consulting firm, however Morgan has never worked for any such firm. Another participant identified co-author Moy as being an employee of KSFO radio along with Morgan. However, Moy has never had any connection with the radio station – she works at the former hometown newspaper for Cindy Sheehan, the Vacaville Reporter.

The furor isn’t likely to subside as the authors continue their media tour today. Morgan will appear on CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now” as a panelist, discussing other topics.

She will discuss the book in studio on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC tomorrow night.

A clip of the authors’ appearance this week on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” can be viewed here.

Morgan co-hosts a top-rated drive-time show with Lee Rodgers on KSFO 560AM in San Francisco, is chairman of Move America Forward in support of U.S. troops and has 30 years journalism experience.

She’s a weekly columnist for WorldNetDaily.com, has won the Associated Press Mark Twain Award for Best Special Program “Voices of Solders” Live from Iraq, 2005 and covered the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon.

She also was on the scene for the uprising for Democracy at Tiananmen Square in China and the earthquake that hit Mexico City in 1988. She appears regularly on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS.

Moy is a Pulitzer Prize nominee, award-winning journalist and columnist for the Vacaville Reporter, Cindy Sheehan’s former hometown newspaper. She’s won the Society of Professional Journalists’ highest award for public service.

Her 20 years of investigative work has led to changes in federal laws that help protect the elderly from abuse, and she was one of the first to begin raising writing about the impacts of illegal immigration.

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