Editor’s note: This column contains discussion of objectionable posts and images from MySpace.com. Reader discretion is advised.

Ohio voters need to spend some time on MySpace.com to get a preview of the LBGT (Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, Transgender) supporters who intend to sweep Democrat Rep. Ted Strickland into the governor’s office Nov. 7, 2006.

James Rhodes, a poster on Ohio’s RigthtAngleBlog.com began to reveal the nature of Strickland’s fans by posting on Oct. 20 a photograph of one of his supporters who was posting on the candidate’s MySpace.com page. Rhodes identified this bearded male Strickland supporter as “Dungeon Master.” Dungeon Master was evidently male, sporting a full black beard and long hair. Confusion could easily come observing his outfit, however – a woman’s negligee top and panties with garters, all holding up ripped fishnet stockings. The outfit was highlighted by the red rose Dungeon Master wore in his hair.

After Rhodes noted that Dungeon Master was one of Strickland’s friends on MySpace.com, the entry disappeared. Dungeon Master continued to appear on MySpace.com, yet under the name “Spanish Rose.” A little digging linked Spanish Rose to another poster identified as “Rutters & Putters,” whose site also includes a photo of her dressed as a man wearing a NAMBLA button (showing her support for the North American Man/Boy Love Association). In the photo, Spanish Rose has his right hand reaching into Rutters & Putters blouse, while she grabs his crotch, inducing Spanish Rose to extend his tongue out of his mouth.

Rhodes noted: “When you have a friend on MySpace.com, you have to approve them before they are listed as your friend.” Rhodes advised that Strickland perhaps “should be more selective as to which MySpace friends he accepts.”

Rhodes also noted that about half of the friends Strickland had selected for his homepage were openly posting as self-described gays or lesbians. Since Rhodes first posted this, the Strickland homepage has been cleaned up so that about half of the homepage posters are listed alternatively in a checkerboard pattern as a “MySpace Voter for Ted.” Strickland campaign staffers evidently are sensitive to criticism, willing to make changes to hide their sexually radical agenda when critics point it out to Christian conservatives whose votes Strickland somehow believes he will still manage to attract, despite his LGBT sympathies.

I remind readers that photographs on MySpace are posted by the users and are meant for others to see. I assume Strickland welcomes these supporters, as many of those listed below have been posted as Strickland friends for weeks.

Searching through Strickland’s 2,600-plus MySpace friends, one continues to find many openly LBGT friends.

Take, for instance, Rennee, who openly admits in her “About me” section that she is a member of Stonewall Democrats, a publicly proclaimed pro-LBGT group very active in Ohio. Renee sports a photo of herself wearing a blue shirt and tie, with a punk hairdo.

In another photo, she shows herself “winning first prize” for an outfit with a green skirt that she lifts up to display an artificial male member appropriately positioned.

Renee is a proud Ted friend who supports his quest to be governor of Ohio.

Then there is Steven, who lists himself as “the last alternative boy in Abercrombie city!” Steven boasts in his “About me” that he is a Kent State graduate who has had “12 roommates, including a gorgeous lesbian couple, a pack of sorority girls, several rad queers and even a hetero who liked football.” Steven posts his spiked-hair psychedelic poster on Ted Strickland’s friends page.

I also decided to check out the MySpace homepage of Equality Ohio, a LGBT-supporting group that has given birth to the Equality Ohio Campaign Fund, a LGBT PAC that endorses and financially contributes to Strickland’s gubernatorial campaign.

The Equality Ohio MySpace page is replete with photographic friends sporting extremist sexual lifestyles covering the LBGT waterfront. I can find no indication that Strickland repudiates Equality Ohio or the support of Equality Ohio members and the “friends” who post with Equality Ohio on MySpace.

A few examples provide an idea of the sexual alternatives Equality Ohio promotes. There is an Equality Ohio poster under the name “Terrorist She Freaks of Texas,” who posts several photographs brandishing weapons, plus some lesbian images.

We also shouldn’t forget Christopher, who likes to be photographed with Red Hot Diva, a person of unidentified gender.

Among those Equality Ohio posters who explicitly declare they are Ted Strickland voters is Heidi, whose photographs include a rather unusual view of the Washington Monument.

The previously referenced “Rutters & Putters” also shows up as a listed Equality Ohio MySpace friend.

To make sure Equality Ohio’s political preferences are clear, someone has even posted a photo of Phil Burress, who heads the pro-family Citizens for Community Values in Columbus, Ohio. Next to the picture is the derogatory comment, “Bashin’ Gays for Profit!” Double standards are common in the extreme sexual community. Evidently the poster does not object to bashing Christians for their religious beliefs and moral convictions.

Dungeon Master

I am not surprised to find no reference to Equality Ohio’s support on Strickland’s gubernatorial campaign homepage. While Strickland is evidently in agreement with the freak show of radical LBGT sexual politics, he prefers to keep this information from the general Ohio public. If Strickland wants to win, hiding his sympathy with LGBT is probably a good idea in Midwestern Ohio, not generally know for being on the vanguard of sexual experimentation.

The whole point of the LBGT agenda appears to be to advance the activists’ goals through sympathetic politicians such as Strickland, who is evidently willing to pander to the agenda in a “wink-wink” fashion, without having to reveal openly the lifestyle elements that Christian conservative voters in a state like Ohio are certain to find offensive and distasteful.

Ken Blackwell, the Republican Party candidate for governor in Ohio, does not maintain a MySpace.com listing.

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