In a post on, “Terry K.” noted that in my commentaries on WND I have asked for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ted Strickland to give some straight and honest answers regarding the support he has received from Ohio’s LBGT sexual extremists.

Not able to answer these questions, Terry K. instead asked me five questions of his own, evidently suspecting that, like Ted Strickland, I would dodge the truth. Let me give straight and honest answers to these questions immediately.

  1. How much is Corsi coordinating with his co-author, Strickland opponent Ken Blackwell, in writing his series of anti-Strickland columns?

    Answer: I write what I consider appropriate. I have no employment within the Ken Blackwell campaign, and I do not report to anyone in the Ken Blackwell campaign. What I write are my opinions and views, not Ken Blackwell’s or the campaign’s opinions and views. In my WND commentaries, I do not speak for Blackwell or for his campaign; I speak for myself.

  2. Is Corsi on the payroll of the Blackwell campaign?

    Answer: No. I am not now nor have I ever been on the payroll of the Blackwell campaign. The Blackwell campaign has never paid me a penny, not even for expense reimbursement.

  3. How much did Blackwell pay Corsi to co-author his book?

    Answer: Ken Blackwell paid me nothing to co-author “Rebuilding America: A Prescription for Creating Strong Families, Building the Wealth of Working People, and Ending Welfare.” The idea to write the book was mine. I initially suggested the idea for the book to Mr. Blackwell. We wrote the book together, with the book communicating ideas we both agree upon. As with all my books, my compensation is royalties on book sales. Ken Blackwell has chosen to donate his book royalties to a charity of his choice.

  4. Is Corsi writing these attacks on Strickland as part of his book deal?

    Answer: No. Writing commentary in WND is a separate activity from writing “Rebuilding America.” Regarding my WND commentaries, the editors of WND are the sole arbiters of what gets published. The editors of WND have accepted my commentaries on Ted Strickland but have not assigned me to write them or requested that I write them.

  5. Why did it take Corsi five days after his first anti-Strickland column to disclose his connection with Strickland’s opponent?

    Answer: “Rebuilding America” was published in May 2006, at which time my working relationship with Ken Blackwell was obvious. The cover of “Rebuilding America,” including my name as co-author, has been posted on the homepage of Ken Blackwell’s campaign website since the book was published. We added the book credit for “Rebuilding America” to my credits following all my commentaries to make sure the connection was even more obvious. There never was an attempt to disguise my authorship of the WND commentaries I have written critical of Ted Strickland, or of the many books I have authored, including “Rebuilding America” with Ken Blackwell.

I doubt very much that we will ever get an equally straight and honest response from Ted Strickland. The questions I posed to Strickland in my Oct. 23, 2006, WND commentary on his sexually radical agenda are still unanswered.

What about Ted Strickland’s support for:

  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender marriages;

  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender clergy;
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender adoptions;
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender high school students;
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender applicants to state colleges; and
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender recipients of state-provided social services?

These are all issues pressed by the Ohio LBGT community in 2006, and as such the questions deserve an answer from Mr. Strickland. The Democrat has declared his willingness to appoint ex-convicts to positions of responsibility in Ohio state government. Is Strickland also intending to appoint persons who live and express extreme sexual lifestyles to positions of responsibility in Ohio state government?

Reading Strickland’s campaign website, we find no mention of his support of LBGT advocacy aims and no acknowledgment of Equality Ohio Campaign Fund’s endorsement and financial support. Why not? Is the Strickland campaign embarrassed to disclose endorsements from groups supporting radical sexual extremism?

Now let’s go one step further. Here are several of the areas where Strickland is flat lying:

  1. Ted Strickland has claimed or implied that the campaign and congressional employee who committed sexual misconduct in the presence of minors was a minor figure. The person in question was Strickland’s 1998 campaign manager. After the campaign, the person is yet listed in the Interim Congressional Directory for October 2000 as a “special adviser” to Strickland’s congressional office. Strickland maintains that the person in question left his congressional office in 1999.

  2. Ted Strickland has stated that he accepted the lying denial of the 1998 campaign manager that the accusations of the sexual misconduct criminal misdemeanors were false. The congressman has argued that he was not inclined to believe anonymous communications such as that disclosing the sexual misconduct. It is now come to light that Strickland was also presented with Washington County Sheriff’s office arrest records that documented the sexual misconduct accusations.

  3. As a trained psychologist, Strickland should be familiar with abundant scientific literature documenting that employees under duress often lie about embarrassing background disclosures. Why did Strickland not first conduct an Ohio police record search before confronting his 1998 campaign manager for answers?

  4. Federal Election Commissions document that the candidate was reimbursed over $9,000 in 1999 for travel expenses. Was Strickland reimbursed from campaign funds for the Italy re-election celebration he shared alone with his 1998 campaign manager, a trip Mrs. Strickland did not take with the two men? What other Ohio or Washington, D.C., travel could have justified a $9,000 reimbursement from campaign funds?

  5. After leaving the Strickland congressional office, the Strickland campaign manager in question ended up on the congressional staff of now-discredited New Jersey Democratic Rep. Robert Guy Torricelli. Did Strickland write a letter of recommendation for his former campaign manager, continuing to ignore or otherwise disregard accusations of criminal sexual misconduct that turned out to be substantiated?

Democrats with a radical sexual agenda to push will object to anyone who makes their intents public. Somehow, I doubt Terry K. will be as diligent in getting Ted Strickland to answer these questions right now, in a straight and honest manner.

What did Ted Strickland know and when did he know it? I doubt we will ever get an answer to that question from Ted Strickland or his LGBT Democratic Party supporters.

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