Secular progressives (a fancy way to say liberals) have had a secret plan to win the War on Terror for over three years. I just received the details from an unidentified source who has been monitoring the secret meetings held by George Soros, Michael Moore, John Kerry and Howard Dean. The source took copious notes during the meetings and has passed them on to me. What they reveal will shock you, to say the least.

In the 2004 election cycle John Kerry told the public, on multiple occasions, he had a plan to win the peace in Iraq and the War on Terror. He never shared the plan publicly but repeatedly vowed, if elected, he would then implement this secret plan. Howard Dean in this current cycle has repeated the same promise. The Democrats have a plan to win in Iraq and Afghanistan and if elected, they will reveal and implement the plan. You will just have to take their word on the plan’s effectiveness until Nov. 8, at which time, if they are victorious, it will be revealed.

To get this information I had to assure my source that I would never reveal the source unless I was granted permission. Therefore I am fully prepared to protect my source even if called by Congress to testify. I, like Judith Miller, believe in protecting sources. When the leaks of information
came to Judith on the ”intentional” outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, they came via an unidentified source. When the NSA terrorist wire-tapping program made the front page of the New York Times it did so through the use of an unidentified source. The sources in both cases were a bit off. It is now known that Richard Armitage inadvertently talked about Ms. Plame, not Karl Rove; and the NSA wiretapping was not a ”domestic” wiretapping but a monitoring of calls made from and to known al-Qaida and terrorist contacts.

My source however is rock solid on this plan.

One would think, armed with a plan that would secure the peace, the patriotic secular progressives would be happy to share it with their peers on the moderate and conservative side of the aisle. Apparently not. I think it reprehensible to hold back a plan if it would save lives and bring our troops home with victory but I guess the SPs feel the reward of being a good citizen is not as great a dividend as power.

The Plan: Analyzing the enemy and its goal was the first priority of the SPs. They wanted to know just what would appease the enemy. So they looked at the words of bin Laden and the Grand Mufti from the ’40s and realized the No. 1 goal of the Islamo-fascists was to kill all Jews and Christians who stand in the way of converting the whole world to Sharia Law. With that in mind, Soros, being a business man, saw this as a simple common sense proposition.

If America was godless and devoid of all Jews and Christians then there would be no need for terrorists to destroy that which does not exist. The plan would include, but not be limited to, the removal of any mention of God in our society. No Ten Commandments. No mention of God in our Pledge of Allegiance. Even ultimately taking ”In God we Trust” off our money. All prayer at sporting events would be outlawed. The mere mention of God would be punishable by prison. In essence, God would be removed from America.

The planners concluded that a godless nation, devoid of all Jews and Christians, that didn’t allow the mention of God, would no longer be a threat to their goal. Islamo-Fascists would then focus their full attention and fury on countries like Italy that host the Vatican; Australia, with its large Evangelical populations; and ultimately Israel, where the basis of belief in Judaism and Christianity are founded. The land that brought forth the Bible of the Jew and the Christian.

Keep in mind this plan has been under way for some time. Many moves have already been quietly put in place by the ACLU, and other SP operatives. The final purging of all the last vestiges of God and believers will be accomplished as George Soros and his armies of godless complete the plan. That is if they are elected. Remember, they will only tell the public of their plan if elected.

This will all occur while the secular progressives claim they are merely doing so for the safety of the nation and to uphold the principle they hold so dear – the separation of church and state. The means justify the ends in that we will be a nation that has no value to anyone for we are a nation without values. Oh don’t worry. I’m not talking about your 401K or the value of your home. You will still get the weekly paycheck. Maybe a little less in it each week as your taxes will have gone up. The need for more government-sponsored social programs will be required to meet the needs that the churches and synagogues until now have serviced. Obviously, without churches and synagogues the need will be great.

So that is the strategy. A good one if you are an atheist or a Soros Kool-Aid drinker who believes it is better to switch than fight. It is quite different than the plan the neocons have put forward.

The current leadership wants to eliminate the enemy, not God. They want to destroy evil and bring peace through strength. They want freedom to be a right granted by God, not man. Twelve million Iraqis have voted and they voted for freedom. They had their elections and established a government.

Make no mistake about it. This column will not see the front page of the Times. They will not care about my source or the value of my information because it does not out a Florida congressman who has a sick perversion. It does not point out the poor choice of words from a Republican or point a finger at Karl Rove. It won’t give the media fodder to assure a Democrat victory in November. It does however reveal the real heart of the appeasement-loving, godless left (SPs) and their willingness to surrender that which has made this nation what it is; One nation under God.

Writer’s note: If the SPs win in November I will not ever have to worry about revealing my source for in the world they create, it will be illegal.


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