There has been a highly unusual ”October Surprise” this past week. A typical October Surprise has one candidate releasing damaging information about his/her counterpart just prior to election day. These have become so common news junkies are no longer surprised. The surprise would be if none occurred, or if a candidate did it to him or herself. Which brings me to Hillary Clinton.

The Gay City News reported on the evening of October 25 (mark down this date), Sen. Hillary Clinton dropped her long held opposition to gay marriage. That is to say, Sen. Clinton will not be defending the institution of marriage.

This is a political blunder of the highest magnitude. Trading a bedrock principle – that marriage is between a man and a woman – for a block of votes is not shrewd. It is deeply misguided, short-sighted and in no way in the best interest of the country.

Paul Schindler reports:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton indicated that she would not oppose efforts by Eliot Spitzer, the odds-on favorite to become the new governor, to enact a same-sex marriage law in New York.

It was this past February Hillary found herself in deep trouble with the gay community. From

The executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda gay rights group has described Sen. Hillary Clinton as “a complete disappointment,” raising the prospect that some in the LGBT community may stop supporting her political career due to her opposition to same-sex marriage.

For those of you in the straight community, “LGBT” is an acronym. It stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender” people. This past July, New York’s highest court handed down a ruling upholding the state’s law barring same-sex marriages. Hillary refused to condemn the ruling at the time.

That was then, this is now. Hillary’s about face on the issue of gay marriage/same-sex marriage/ homosexual marriage – whatever – is a defining moment in her political career.

Let me explain.

Right up until Howard Dean was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee on Feb. 12, 2005, the junior senator from New York had a well thought out strategy to become the Democrats’ nominee for president in 2008. She would pretend to be a moderate, pretend to be pro-military, and she would appear not to be beholden to the radical elements of her party. This was all very doable given the media’s desire for Hillary to get Bill back into the White House.

With just a little help from her friends, Hillary would “tack to the center.” She would give a knowing wink to the loud and proud libs, and accept the nomination for president without breaking a sweat.

But that was then.

When Howard Dean took over the DNC, he brought with him the power, wealth and politics of, The Daily Kos and George Soros. Democrats didn’t know it at the time, but the strident liberal elements of their party would transform the party so rapidly and so radically, that in less than 18 months the party would purge itself of Joe Lieberman, a liberal icon.

No longer would thoughtful, elect-able, well-spoken liberals have a guaranteed seat at the table. Hillary, always keeping her eye on the prize (winning the nomination of her party to be president) dumped her “tack to the center” strategy, and declared herself aligned with her party’s gay activists.

In so doing, Hillary has wrapped up the nomination of the now unrecognizable Democrat Party, and forfeited the presidency. Short term, this particular October Surprise, may have also lost the House and the Senate for Democrats.

This is now: The fact is, this country’s voters are not ready for gay marriage. This country is not ready for a San Francisco liberal to be the Speaker of the House. And, this country is not ready for a Senate who will only confirm judges who share Rep. Pelosi’s and Sen. Clinton’s (new?) values.

If Christians have been looking for a reason to vote on Nov. 7, they have found it. And that’s why Hillary Clinton’s decision to embrace the gay agenda just before the election is such a shocking development.


More from Hillary’s historic Oct. 25 coming out party:
Ethan Geto, a long-time gay activist who described himself as an advisor to the senator on LGBT issues, introduced Clinton, addressing what he called “the elephant in the room.”
“We’re engaged in a dialogue with someone who has the stature, who has the credibility, the viability to be the party’s standard bearer in 2008,” he said. “I think when you look at Sen. Clinton’s record, she may not agree with us on every last policy issue, but when you look at the totality of the record, there is no one in this country who may be the president of the United States with whom we have a warmer, a stronger, a closer productive working relationship.”

Two dates to remember if you are chronicling the fall of the Democratic Party as a serious political party:

February 12, 2005 – Howard Dean becomes Chairman of the Democratic Party; and

October 25, 2006 – Hillary Clinton drops her opposition to gay marriage.

To win national elections in this country, you must appeal to the center, “Reagan Democrats” for Republicans, Independents and RINO’s for Democrats. Of course, in order to appeal to these voters, you have to first win your party’s nomination. Hillary, in a calculated and desperate attempt to secure her party’s nomination, has “evolved” on the issue of gay marriage.

More from Gay City News:

She also suggested that language she used when she first ran for the Senate in 2000 explaining her opposition to marriage equality based on the institution’s moral, religious, and traditional foundations had not reflected the “many long conversations” she’s had since with “friends” and others, and that her advocacy on LGBT issues “has certainly evolved.”

That’s what it takes in 2006 to win the support of today’s movers and shakers in the Democrat Party. Hillary’s evolution is a bombshell. It affects voter turnout for 2006, it completes the Howard Dean makeover of the Democrat Party, it probably secured her nomination for president, and made impossible Hillary Clinton ever winning the presidency.

Now that’s an October Surprise.

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