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It's official: Terrorists for Democrats

There’s been a lot of speculation this campaign season about who our terrorist enemies might actually want to see win the elections next Tuesday.

Thanks to the courageous and enterprising work of WND’s Jerusalem bureau chief, Aaron Klein, we don’t have to speculate anymore.

Some of the senior leaders of terrorist organizations in the Middle East have spoken out – given their endorsements, if you will – on the record.

And the winners of their support are … the Democrats.

Why isn’t this surprising?

Because deep in our hearts, we knew it all the time. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Sometimes the terrorists may seem crazy and irrational, but they really are not. They are making decisions every day that are calculated for political gain. They have real goals they are working toward. And those goals, as they articulated in these interviews, include the destruction of Israel and the United States.

And they, like me, have concluded the best way to achieve those goals is to vote Democratic.

That’s why I will be voting for anybody but Democrats this year. It’s just that simple. Republicans have done little to impress me in Washington in the last two years, four years, six years. But that’s not the point.

We know what the Democrats will do – and it amounts to unconditional surrender to the most ruthless enemy America has ever faced.

As much as I would love to teach the Republicans a lesson for ignoring the border, for reckless spending, for a thousand other sins, I don’t want to destroy the country in the process. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that it essentially what I see happening if Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House and Harry Reid becomes Senate majority leader.

They will do just what their Democratic congressional predecessors did in Vietnam.

Sometimes we old folks take for granted that everyone remembers what happened in Vietnam. They don’t. Lots of young people don’t remember and haven’t been taught the right lessons of Vietnam.

Just as U.S. forces had turned over defense of South Vietnam to the people of that country, the Democrats in Congress insisted all U.S. support for our allies be cut off. As a result of that horrific decision, people who had sided with America for freedom and in opposition to Communism were slaughtered by the millions – not just in Vietnam, but also in Cambodia by the emboldened Khmer Rouge terrorists.

It has to be one of the low-water marks in the history of the United States. We spent 20 years winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people, only to cast them off to the enemy.

That’s just what the Democrats want to do to our Iraqi friends. They won’t be satisfied pulling out American troops, just as they weren’t satisfied in Vietnam. Ultimately, their goal is to prove that American involvement in Iraq was wrong from the start – even though many of them were enthusiastic supporters of it. (Don’t forget, the Democrats started the Vietnam War.)

If history is allowed tragically to repeat itself like this, never again will freedom-loving people trust America as an ally.

That’s why the terrorists really do want the Democrats to win. They understand the consequence will be a premature withdrawal from Iraq. They understand what that will mean to them – total victory! They understand that it will mean their armies will grow and their ultimate goal – defeating Israel and the U.S. – will be that much closer to fulfillment.

Are you going to let that happen?

We still have a chance to prevent this disaster.

Deny the terrorists the victory they seek at the polls this Tuesday. Vote against Democrats at every opportunity.

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