Are you tired of the annual ritual of Christmas tree burnings and Nativity scene demolition?

Are you sick of being on the defensive each year as the American Civil Liberties Union wars against God in the public square?

How would you like to go on the offensive this year by proclaiming openly your God-given right to celebrate Him whenever and wherever you please?

That’s the intent of some new, inexpensive tools developed exclusively by the WND marketing team.

This year, you don’t have to wait for the first salvo to be fired by the ACLU. This year, it’s your turn to go on the offensive for a politically incorrect, but spiritually correct, Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

But there’s no time to lose.

First, there’s the new magnetic bumper sticker you can use year after year during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. But don’t just think about this for your car. Think about it for your office filing cabinets, your refrigerator, anywhere you want to make a statement.

It says simply: “Remember to thank Him. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Americans have forgotten that Thanksgiving is very much a religious holiday – dating back to the tradition of the Hebrew prophets and continuing as an American tradition for more than 200 years,” explains Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “Thanksgiving is a religious holiday that all Christians and Jews can and should celebrate together.”

WND has made it easy to buy one or multiples. They’re priced inexpensively so you can buy quantities and give them away to other likeminded friends or, for a real laugh, your local ACLU activist. They make great conversation starters.

Then, making a return from last year are two similar products that allow Christians – and Christian sympathizers – to let the world know how you feel about this beautiful holiday.

First, there’s the “Reason for the Season” magnetic sticker that is small enough to go anywhere.

And then there’s the “Operation: Just Say “Merry Christmas” bracelets that you can give out to all your friends. Thousands of these were distributed by WND last year and still are in circulation. This year, WND is putting in much bigger orders and starting the promotion much earlier.

If you want to see the ACLU activists turn green and red, just hand them one of these babies.

Get them all today while there’s still plenty of time to proclaim God as king this holiday season.

“Remember to thank Him – Happy Thanksgiving” bumper stickers – buy one or 50

“Reason for the Season” magnetic stickers for cars, filing cabinets, desks, refrigerators – buy them singly or in quantity

Operation: Just Say “Merry Christmas” bracelets – buy them individually or in quantities

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