The country is buzzing about Rush Limbaugh’s post-election comments that he felt liberated now that he would no longer have to shill for those who had not earned his unequivocal support.

Limbaugh said, “I feel liberated, ladies and gentlemen, because I feel like I don’t have to carry the water for people that I think don’t deserve to have their water carried.”

Limbaugh’s success as a talk-radio host comes from his incredible talent at analyzing the lay of the land, breaking down the issues of the day for his audience and seeing things that most people miss when sizing up a news story or political debate.

For the past few years, Rush has grown increasingly disenchanted with Republicans in Congress and inside the Bush administration who repeatedly put their own personal and political interests ahead of the interests of this nation.

Yet, Rush was delicate in his criticisms of Republican missteps, given that these were divisions within the Republican family. He preferred instead to cajole, prod and encourage GOP decision-makers to follow the path of conservatism so as to lead this nation to greener pastures. He tried to explain that by doing so they would ultimately also advance their own personal ambitions and be rewarded for such good work.

Unfortunately, many Republicans in the Bush administration and on Capitol Hill have had other ideas about the future for this nation, and too often Bush and his Republican colleagues in Congress rebuffed conservative solutions to the problems facing America.

You know the issues of betrayal that have angered conservative activists the most: amnesty plans for illegal aliens, massive federal spending, multiple corruption scandals, the prescription drug plan, Harriet Miers, etc.

Even when it came to the war against terrorism there were too many times when cut-and-run voices managed to neuter the Bush administration from taking the fight to the terrorists and aggressively selling the case for war to the public.

On occasion, I have been somewhat critical of the Bush administration for failing to articulate a clear, concise message about the Global War on Terror. I did it knowing that it would cause a backlash among people who support our troops and want nothing more than to see us win in Iraq and other fronts in the fight against terrorism.

I’ve felt it was necessary for the administration to hear from many of us who are working tirelessly to make sure that the anti-war left in this country didn’t dominate the discussion. We’ve needed to explain why it is that we are engaged in a life and death struggle with radical Islamists who murder, rape and kidnap indiscriminately as a tactic to advance their forced Shariah law upon growing numbers of people.

I failed.

I think that this week Rush Limbaugh realizes that he failed, too. Both of us have tried to be loyal to the greater cause even when we felt that at times we were being taken down the wrong path.

In the end, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, myself and many others recognized that as much as we felt betrayed on many fronts by Republicans in Congress and at times by the White House, the fact remained that our nation is at war and the Democrat Party has decided that we should surrender to the enemy.

Sorry, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Jack Murtha, but surrender is not an option. So Republican pundits and grass-roots leaders have tried in different ways to work from within the GOP to stop the drift from conservatism that was taking place. Like I said, we failed.

Sadly, the Bush White House has taken exactly the wrong message from this election. Mr. Bush has decided he will appease his critics by firing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, a true warrior who tried to fight the established bureaucracy at the Pentagon. I’m sure that Madame Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-Islamic Republic of America), is thrilled with this decision, as are the editorial geniuses at the New York Times.

Bush has also said that he is seeking cooperation with Democrats in enacting a guest-worker program (read amnesty) for people pouring across our borders, some of whom are terrorists.

Our president is moving in a direction that, I fear, will result in more terrorist attacks on American soil, if he is left unchecked by political pressure.

And that’s where you come in.

My philosophy in dealing with political enemies is that when they hit you, you hit back twice as hard. The anti-war left’s election victory this Tuesday has hit this country with an attack more serious to our nation’s future than was 9-11.

Now is not the time to allow Republicans in Congress or in the White House to sell out to Pelosi, Reid and the cut-and-run crowd.

It’s time to take the gloves off and fight for the cause we believe in, even if that means fighting members from within our own family from time to time.

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