The Drudge Report earlier today cited an internal Fox News Channel memo to employees from President Roger Ailes claiming a WND report by Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein falsely accuses Fox News of paying $2 million for the release of two staffers of the cable TV network kidnapped in August in the Gaza Strip.

Screen capture of the Drudge Report, posting purported internal memo from Fox News President Roger Ailes

Here is a statement by WND Editor Joseph Farah in response:

“We stand 100 percent behind Aaron Klein’s story today about the release of kidnap victims Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig.

“The statement by Roger Ailes completely distorts what our story carefully reported. Nowhere in our story did we ever allege, as Ailes’ statement said, that Fox News paid $2 million for release of the terrorist hostages.”

Ailes was quoted as saying: “I just saw an article on the internet from by Aaron Klein which claims we paid $2 million in hostage money during the Centanni & Wiig kidnapping crisis. The story is absolutely 100% false. Not a cent of hostage money was paid, and it was never considered …”

“In fact,” said Farah, “what we reported is 100 percent accurate – that some of those believed to be involved with the kidnappings say they received money. Period. No one in the story even suggested the money originated with Fox.

“Roger Ailes says the story is 100 percent false. But he is alleging it says something it clearly does not say.

“Further, Fox News executives and spokesmen had two weeks to provide a response to WND before the story was published. They understood in advance what would be published and repeatedly refused to make a statement on the record. Off the record, they did not deny it was possible money was paid by another party.”

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