Wal-Mart’s ‘Little Black Book’

A book that family organizations in Canada had warned about just weeks ago found its way into the Wal-Mart stock list, and while it calls God a “fat black dyke” and provides how-to information for same-sex experimentation, the store said it’s the “stuff youth need to know.”

It’s called “The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality”, produced by St. Stephens’ Community House in Toronto, an organization that has fled its Christian foundation.

[Editor’s note: Since the publishing of WND’s story at 1 a.m., Wal-Mart has removed the book from its website].

While Wal-Mart calls it “a great mix of real-life examples and life-saving info,” it includes sections called, “My First Time F—ing a Girl” and other obscenities. It has information on “safe” sex devices and assures its audience that condoms are 100 percent effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, even though the World Health Organization, a longtime condom supporter, admits they fail one out of five times.

The alarm about the book initially was raised by Joseph Ben-Ami, the executive director of the Institute for Canadian Values, who told WND this fall that Canadian officials were considering using the book in public schools.

“We have to find a way to stop this from happening,” Ben-Ami told WND at the time. “People don’t know this is happening.”

The graphic manual promotes lesbianism to young girls, gives explicit instructions for engaging in oral or anal sexual acts and instructs girls that only 10 percent of the population is heterosexual.

A report from LifeSiteNews.com said the book also recommends sewing latex squares into their underwear “for added fun.”

The current online catalog for Wal-Mart lists the book price at $11.58, and it says the manual is “not just a book about sex, but a look at girl culture by teenagers. No stuffy school textbook. No nosy adults. … ”

“It’s all stuff that youth need to know…The Little Black Book for Girlz is an important, take-anywhere empowerment guide. Girls shouldn’t leave their teen years without it.”

When WND reported on the issue in September, the text was available online at St. Stephen’s House but it was removed shortly after the WND report surfaced.

Ben-Ami called it, “a thinly veiled propaganda piece that undermines healthy parent-child relationships, substitutes voodoo myths for actual science, and provides advice that, if followed, will certainly result in real and serious harm to those who follow it.”

It tells girls that most parents are homophobes. “So are children until they get minds of other own,” it said.

St. Stephen’s declined several opportunities to respond to questions about the book. But it was started by the Anglican Diocese in 1962 and “was” a Christian-based organization until 1974. It now gets government money, almost $8 million this year.

If “you need someone to represent God The Holiness, then for me, it’s a fat black dyke” the book tells readers.

“What this statement has to do with healthy emotional and sexual development is beyond us,” Ben-Ami said.

His concern is that Canadian authorities now are reviewing the guide for its possible uses. In Canada, which legalized same-sex marriage about a year ago, school curricula that refers to a man-and-woman as a couple has to be dropped.

“‘The Little Black Book’ is one of the most obscene and irresponsible ‘educational’ books we have come across,” said the Canadian family institute. “Canadians from all walks of life need to take action now to ensure that children are not exposed to its harmful influence.”

Reminding readers that it’s intended for fairly young girls, the online version honored the 40th anniversary of the Barbie doll with a list of recommendations for the occasion.

Those include “Shave her head and give her a nose ring,” “Have Barbie marry another Barbie,” “Have her take part in an orgy,” and “Give her leather bondage gear, a whip and chains.”

It also lists “Fun alternatives to intercourse: Petting, Cyber sex, phone sex, kissing, making out, blowjob” and others.

It also offers tips about having sex that “help you make the jump and land with a smile.”

Wal-Mart, which confirmed to WND just this fall that it had joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, also has contributed $60,000 to the activist group called Out & Equal.

But it also is facing protests because of its suddenly pro-homosexual advocacy.

As WND reported in separate stories, several workers have resigned their positions with the company over its stance, and they aren’t going away quietly; they are launching protests in front of local stores to alert their friends and neighbors to the company’s sexual agenda.

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