Need I point out the blatant and shameless hypocrisy of anyone in a new Democrat majority seriously putting forth not only an imprudent, contentious and unpopular proposal, but one which they accused an incumbent president of planning to execute when they tried to unseat him a scant two years ago?

The Washington Post reported Oct. 16, 2004:

“John F. Kerry charged Friday that there is a ‘great potential’ President Bush will reinstate the military draft if re-elected, as the two candidates battled furiously for an edge with voters in Iowa and Wisconsin who are deeply divided over the Iraq war, the economy and their presidential choice.

“[Kerry:] ‘With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft.'”

After the rout of the Republicans in the midterm election, a friend of mine pointed out the upside: The Democrats now have two years to screw things up (apropos actualizing a Republican retaking of Congress).

New York Rep. Charlie Rangel’s proposal to reinstate the draft (his second attempt; he introduced a bill proposing same in January 2003) is a stellar example of the power-drunk liberal elite oligarch who “governs” against the will of the people. In other words, a typical seasoned Washington ultra-liberal Democrat.

As an aside, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m either clairvoyant or totally delusional: I merely look at and listen to individuals like Rangel and some of the other malignant lowlifes who’ve been swept into this new majority, and I swear I can sense the self-serving, capricious stench of evil. To be fair, I smell it on a lot of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) as well.

Paranormal abilities or delusions notwithstanding, they always seem to prove me right by their actions.

From Rangel’s press release, “Reinstate the Draft: It’s a Matter of Fairness”
“The question of whether we need a universal military draft will be important as long as this country is placing thousands of young men and women in harm’s way in Iraq. As long as Americans are being shipped off to war, then everyone should be vulnerable, not just those who, because of economic circumstances, are attracted by lucrative enlistment bonuses and educational incentives.”

Translation: “Only losers are joining the military. We need to send rich kids, too – like the president’s daughters for a start – to Iraq, to keep things ‘fair.'”

He should talk about bonuses and incentives, as much as he’s put into enslaving his constituents through entitlements for the last three-plus decades. Buzzwords and catchphrases such as “fairness” and “leveling the playing field” have long given me the willies. They ought to be pretty obvious precursors to political power grabs by now, but unfortunately too few recognize them – certainly not Rangel’s zombified constituents. All this is aside from his verbose, veiled assertion being insulting and fallacious. The quality of training and education level of our all-volunteer military surpasses any we’ve known to date. The “losers” aren’t enlisting in the military – they’re shooting dope and smoking crack in Rangel’s backyard.

Inasmuch as his words are an intentional contrivance, rather than a sincere but ill-conceived remedy, let us call it what it is: A lie, another vile portion of class warfare-fomenting propaganda and race-baiting.

A large part of the problem is this: It won’t be Charlie Rangel who gets the blame for sending “po’ black boys” to get blown to smithereens. It will be George Bush, simply because it happened on his watch.

The infinitesimal number of moderately wealthy to ultra-wealthy young men and women of any color will always be invested in activities that preclude military service (i.e., college), will already be serving (in high places, of course), or will have parents or other connections of sufficient influence (i.e., congressmen) to ensure they are kept out of harm’s way. So the majority of inductees will continue to be the middle class and the poor. Their loved ones will direct their ire toward the top – not to Rangel – when their kids start coming home maimed or in body bags.

What do Rangel’s constituents think of all this?

“They’re gonna hafta catch me,” one Harlem man said in an on-the-street television interview.

First, one has to get a handle on just who Chuck Daddy’s constituents are. New York’s 15th Congressional District encompasses all of Harlem, as well as Washington Heights. “So what, you say?” Well, of course this means nothing to someone who has never been there. In these areas of New York reside the poorest of the poor and the most ignorant of the ignorant – not because of any innate deficiency on their part, but because they happen to live in one of the oldest and most heavily fortified socialist fiefdoms in America.

Rangel is Lord of this fiefdom. Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Central Americans – who have been long-simmering in Rangel’s cauldron of propaganda, class envy, poor schools and an economy in which no one but the most intrepid wish to participate. Crack houses, heroin dens and twenty-dollar hookers operate ’round the clock, and you don’t have to be white to be considered a fool for venturing out late at night. Anyone therein with any political consciousness whatsoever believes that America is a racist country, and that some faceless white suit somewhere is keeping them from the gold-paved American Dream.

If you rip off that faceless white mask, however, who will you find? Why, Charlie Rangel, of course: this master foreman for his elite left overseers with the slick pimp’s style and Harvey Fierstein’s voice has had 35 years in office to hone his diabolical craft. Were he to start talking like Bill Cosby, the DNC would throw him under the bus with such haste we’d wonder if he’d ever existed. If his constituents truly knew what he has been doing to them during his tenure, someone would have “busted a cap” in him long ago.

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