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Hollywood mocks and maligns it.

Angry Islamists burn it and entire nations ban it.

Even supposedly Christian clergymen ignore, twist and rewrite it to change its message.

Yet it is the best-selling book of all time, the rock underlying Western civilization, and the sacred guidebook for millions of seeking souls during their journey through a turbulent and deceitful world. “It” is the Holy Bible.

This Christmas season, Whistleblower has a gift for its subscribers. “THE MIRACLE OF THE BIBLE” is a powerful and eye-opening look at the most published, most read, most widely translated (2,123 different languages and dialects!) book of all time – a book that, as this special Whistleblower edition shows, couldn’t possibly have been written without the direct intervention of God.

The Bible’s 66 books – written over the course of about 1,500 years by at least 40 different authors in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) – somehow come together to form a perfect whole. That whole somehow manages to speak directly and powerfully to people of all races and backgrounds, of all ages, education levels and stations in life. It manages to be just as illuminating today as it was for people thousands of years ago – and it will remain just as powerful for as long as there is human life on earth. Who on earth could write such a book?

Highlights of this issue include:

“We’ve wanted to do an issue like this one for a long time,” said David Kupelian, managing editor of WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower. “We hope it will shine a bright light, and manifest a little bit of the spiritual dimension that is so lacking in this lifeless and secular age.

“I know our readers will find this issue to be thought-provoking and inspiring,” he added. “Hopefully, some will even find it to be life-changing.”

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