As Hillary Clinton begins her own preparations to run for the presidency, the deciding factor of who will be the next commander in chief may have less to do with whomever is chosen as the Democrat or Republican nominee, and more to do with the choice of the Constitution Party.

This weekend at a national committee meeting in Manchester, N.H., Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party he founded set in motion the plans to launch its own third party candidate for president.

“The time has never been better for a third party dark horse candidate to grab the White House,” Phillips told WND.

He affirmed that by next July, his party intends to nominate a presidential candidate, with possibilities for the ticket including Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, Baptist pastor Chuck Baldwin, and author and WND columnist Jerome Corsi.

The Constitution Party is also strongly supportive of Republican Congressmen Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, but there is no decision yet that either would leave their home in the Republican Party to pursue a Constitution Party nomination. Tancredo has said numerous times he is considering a run for the presidency.

“The American public are angry at both the Democratic and Republican Party,” Phillips said. “If neither major party wants to listen to the American middle class, the Constitution Party is ready to enter center stage and get back to the basics that have made the republic established by our founding fathers work for over 230 years.”

The meeting was highlighted by a lineup of well-known conservative speakers, including those who may end up running.

“For six years, the Bush administration has refused to secure our borders,” Corsi told the group assembled at Friday’s dinner, “in a stealth plan to create a European Union-style North American Union under the cover of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America that President Bush announced at the March 23, 2005, summit meeting with Mexico and Canada in Waco, Texas.”

Corsi warned the group that “as a result of the Bush administration obsession with NAFTA and unbridled free trade, the United States is on the verge of an international dollar collapse.”


“China now holds over $1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves as a direct result of our huge and growing trade deficit,” Corsi explained. “China sneezed over Thanksgiving, suggesting that a move might be made to hold fewer dollars and the dollar began dropping like a rock.”

Last night, speakers included Baldwin, a prominent pastor who hosts a weekly radio show from his congregation in Pensacola, Fla.

Baldwin told the group the “radical left” has an agenda to remove God from the United States of America.

“When both the Democratic and Republican parties join together agreeing that we should put ‘In God We Trust’ on the edge of our coins where nobody can read it,” Baldwin told WND, “then most Americans are ready for change.”

Baldwin told the conference “the 2006 mid-term elections sent a message that George W. Bush and Karl Rove have yet to hear, namely that if the Republican Party thinks they will succeed by abandoning conservative principles, then the great mass of red state America is ready to abandon the Republican Party.”

Also issuing a call to “renew America,” was Alan Keyes who told the assembled Constitution Party leaders that “we are on the verge of a sea change in American politics.”

Asked by WND whether he thought the Democrats had truly won the 2006 midterm elections, Keyes responded with a note of caution.

“In 2006, the American people were dissatisfied with George W. Bush, but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were not given a blank check to pursue a far left agenda.”

Phillips concluded the conference by saying both major political parties face crises because “the core conservatives in the Republican Party are not ready to embrace pro-choice candidates like John McCain or Rudi Giuliani, and the Democratic Party of Howard Dean and John Kerry are not ready to embrace Hillary Clinton, especially not when she wants to portray herself as a moderate.”

“The political center of America remains conservative,” Phillips said. “We believe America is now ready to hear the message the Constitution Party has to deliver.”

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