Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

Should Sen. Hillary Clinton be elected to the presidency in 2008, she won’t use her married name of Clinton, but rather, her maiden name of Rodham.

That according to Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, and who now writes a political column.

“She would not be another President Clinton. She would be President Rodham. I’ll bet you that if she wins, that’s what she has people call her,” Morris told Fox News host John Gibson today on “The Big Story.”

“I’ll bet anybody in the country that when she gets elected, that’s what she’s gonna want to be called. She won’t say it before [the election], but she will.”

The New York Democrat is this week continuing efforts to begin looking at a White House run, as she has said she has still not made any final decision on her candidacy.

“What’s the point of being so coy so long?” Gibson asked Morris.

“It’s one of these Hillary lies,” responded Morris. “When she learned that Bill had been with Monica [Lewinsky] ’cause of the stain on the dress, she had to pretend that she didn’t know a year earlier when he told her, so she could defend having called it a vast right-wing conspiracy.

“Here, she spent two years telling New Yorkers she’s undecided about running for president [to] get them to re-elect her to the Senate. And now, she has to go through this pantomime, this charade of decision-making so she doesn’t look like a liar for the past two years, which she is.”

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