Despite pressure from social conservatives, Pastor Rick Warren refused to uninvite U.S. Sen. Barack Obama from his AIDS conference last week, although Obama is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.

During the conference, Warren explained, “You have to have two wings to fly,” apparently a right wing and a left wing.

In so many words Warren portrayed conservatives as bigoted for demanding that those we allow in our flock agree on all issues, as if that were actually true, and as if abortion and homosexuality were just issues to be lumped with all others.

In fact, Warren tried to separate them in a statement, saying “Obama was invited to share his views on AIDS, not abortion or any other issue.”

So according to Warren, Obama can oppose the AIDS virus, which has killed 25 million people worldwide since 1983, while supporting the major cause of AIDS, homosexuality, and supporting abortion, which has killed 1 billion people worldwide since 1973 (including babies aborted because their mothers had AIDS).

I don’t mean to minimize those killed by AIDS. The point is abortion and homosexuality are not just issues that have nothing to do with AIDS. They are related.

So exactly how will Obama and Warren take wing together to conquer AIDS?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the No. 1 cause of the spread of AIDS in the U. S. (47 percent) is “male-to-male sexual contact,” which Obama supports.

The No. 2 cause of AIDS (27 percent) is “injection drug use.” As Illinois state senator, Obama voted to make hypodermic needles easily accessible, which also deregulated how they are disposed.

The third leading cause of AIDS is heterosexual sex (17 percent), for which Obama disavows abstinence education. He stated in his speech at Saddleback he “unequivocally disagree[d]” with excluding teaching about condoms and, in fact, “condoms … should be made more widely available.” This is despite the fact that the condom failure rate for sperm is about 20 percent, the HIV virus is much smaller than sperm, and one can only get pregnant 12-24 hours a month but can contract HIV 24/7.

Warren said he invited Obama to speak at his conference because they both want to stop AIDS.

This would be like me inviting Ted Kennedy to my pro-life conference because we both want to stop unplanned pregnancies. Ludicrous. Warren certainly knows ends don’t justify means.

Worse, Warren gave Obama a platform. He legitimized Obama, particularly among evangelicals.

One consequence of this is that if Obama becomes president, he will exacerbate the AIDS crisis by promoting homosexuality. He has already said (in a letter to a gay newspaper) he would vote to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He will also promote condom education and distribution.

Obama’s ascension will also ensure more children are killed by abortion. He supports it to the extent his wife wrote a fund-raising letter against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

The senator even supports infanticide. I know this full well since I testified before Obama several times in committee when he was state senator, after which he voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Obama also supports destroying embryos for experimentation.

In his book, “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama said the Democrat Party has “forfeit[ed] the moral language that would help infuse our policies with a larger meaning.”

This is Obama’s modus operandi: saying the right words. But he acts 180 degrees in opposition.

They say birds of a feather flock together. When left-wing Obama joins right-wing Warren to stop AIDS, how can they possibly fly? And if they get off the ground, with which flock will they travel?

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