An Australian woman is recovering today after accidentally swallowing a spoon in a fit of laughter during a meal.

Image of the swallowed spoon wedged inside Australian woman’s chest

Doctors at Canterbury Hospital in Sydney were stunned to see the nearly six-inch-long utensil stuck in the esophagus of the woman, whose name was not released due to confidentiality.

The 26-year-old woman was reportedly eating spaghetti when she began laughing. When she swallowed the teaspoon, she began to gag reflexively.

An X-ray and camera gastroscope revealed the implement stuck in her throat at the top of her stomach.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, several doctors recommended surgery to remove the spoon, but two others, Bernard Beldholm and Alice Lee worked out a successful strategy to lasso the spoon and pull it out the way it went in.

After some 90 minutes with the woman under general anasthesia, the doctors eventually managed to remove the spoon manually, albeit “with great difficulty.”

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