On Jan. 10, 2005, newly elected U. S. Sen. Barack Obama sauntered a victory lap inside the Illinois state Capitol, where he had just tenured seven years as state senator.

A journalist recently wrote that journalists can’t seem to write about Obama these days without using the term “rock star.” At that time, Obama was famous for the speech he gave five months prior at the Democratic National Convention but not yet the celebrity he is today, like the 1962 Beatles in Hamburg, to correlate.

So as Obama bid farewell to former colleagues and staffers, he attracted small crowds but was still approachable.

We happened to be at the Capitol that day, too, lobbying for the fifth year in a row for passage of Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Born Alive would stop Illinois hospitals and abortion mills from shelving live aborted babies to die with no medical attention.

Oh, the irony. Obama had been the sole senator speaking against Born Alive on the Senate floor in 2001 and 2002 and had single-handedly killed it in a committee he chaired in 2003.

Obama’s support of infanticide if it would otherwise interfere with abortion was the only issue that dogged him during his U. S. Senate campaign against Alan Keyes.

In fact, Obama’s position against Born Alive was what persuaded Keyes to run against him in the first place. It was also why Keyes famously alleged during their campaign that Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama, a comment that apparently haunts Obama since he continues to write and speak about it.

My friend Fran did not want to let this caustic golden opportunity pass. So she pushed me forward as Obama ambled by.

Fran declared, “Senator, we are going to pass Born Alive here in Illinois this year.”

Obama smiled and agreed, “I think you will.” Then, responding to our request for a comment he said, “I would have voted for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in Illinois had it been worded the same as the federal bill. I think that’s the position the Democrats should take.”

After Bill Clinton, Barack Obama may be the slickest politician ever, since in actuality Obama was the very one who stopped that from happening.

One reason I think Obama may run for president sooner rather than later is because he knows his blinding brilliance will someday fade, like Moses’ eventually did after he came off Mount Sinai.

Obama himself calls his inexplicable popularity “spooky.” I agree the day will come when Obama’s past comes back to haunt him. Take, for instance, his various explanations for having endorsed infanticide by opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

During a debate against Keyes in March 2004, Obama rationalized: “Now, the bill that was put forward was essentially a way of getting around Roe vs. Wade, which is why 21 other senators, Democrat and Republican, why the Illinois Medical Society objected to the bill. At the federal level, there was a similar bill that passed because it had an amendment saying this does not encroach on Roe vs. Wade. I would have voted for that bill.”

Actually, Born Alive passed overwhelmingly in the Illinois Senate the year Obama voted present as well as the year Obama voted no, which was the year before Obama stopped senators from voting at all on a version identical to the federal bill. Never did more than 10 senators oppose it. And there is no such amendment on the federal BAIPA.

An Obama spokesman told the Chicago Tribune in August 2004 that Obama voted against Born Alive because it included provisions that “would have taken away from doctors their professional judgment when a fetus is viable.”

Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times in October 2004 he opposed BAIPA because “physicians are already required to use life-saving measures when fetuses are born alive during abortions.”

At Benedictine University in October 2004, Obama said, according to the Illinois Leader, “the bill was unnecessary in Illinois and was introduced for political reasons. Obama said there was no documentation that hospitals were actually doing what was alleged in testimony presented before him in committee. He also told the questioner that the decision concerning a baby should be left to a woman, but that he does not see himself as supportive of abortion.”

The only way Obama might not see himself as supportive of abortion is if he has been blinded by his own light.

Nevertheless, Obama is supportive of infanticide.

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