There was quite a hubbub made over the recent passing of the “godfather of soul,” James Brown, whose claim to fame was his screaming and jumping around on stage as though he were imitating a pelican on methadone. Even Michael Jackson credited him with his being where he is today. Hmmm … best we skip over that one.

The media, of course, was all aglow with reverent remarks about Brown, talking about him as though he had been a musical genius and a wonderful role model. None other than conservative “Fox & Friends” pointed out that Brown was credited with “inspiring rap, hip-hop and funk.” Boy, wouldn’t your mom have been proud of you if you had inspired rap, hip-hop and funk?

All this media gushing brought back memories of the Platters’ monster 1950s classic “The Great Pretender,” because the Western world has, in fact, become the land of The Great Pretenders. As a result of white guilt (see my Oct. 26, 2006 article, “Condi’s ‘white guilt'”) coupled with gradualism, we have willingly become participants in a civilization-ending game known as “Let’s Pretend.”

In his book “The Master Game,” Robert DeRopp expresses his belief that man inhabits a world of delusions, which obscures reality and creates dangers for himself and others. He rarely understands what he is doing or why he is doing it. His actions and beliefs indicate that he lives in a state of waking dreams. As a result, people willingly join the ranks of The Great Pretenders.

The sad truth is that we have been lobotomized by our schools, our government and the media – which is why we give in to perversion and insanity without even putting up a fight. Get out of line and start babbling about Western virtues, and you risk being reviled by friends and foes alike.

As The Great Pretenders, our willingness to play Let’s Pretend knows no bounds …

  • We pretend that humanitarian awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize are serious attempts to single out the most righteous among us – peaceful, honorable men such as past winners Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter. In today’s world, it’s understandable that two felons like Yasser and Kofi would be applauded by the global communists. But Jimmy Carter? I guess it says a lot for the strategy of using props like bib overalls, a hammer and poor folks when having your picture taken.

  • We pretend that the war on illegal immigration will somehow be won. By golly, we’ll threaten to build a wall on our southern border to keep the nasty bandidos out. Of course, the project will drag on for years and probably never be completed, but it’s sure to be a windfall for government-favored contractors. Even more important, it will make politicians look like they’re actually getting tough on illegal immigration.

  • We pretend that we can get North Korea and Iran to toe the line by threatening them with “sanctions.” After all, anyone can see how much this scares Mahmoud and Kimmy. Why, Condi herself recently said that if North Korea conducts another nuclear test, it will “further isolate itself from the rest of the world.” Her stern remarks shook Kimmy up so much that he reportedly spilled a glass of Scotch while watching his favorite porn film.

  • We pretend that nasty, agenda-driven media people are serious journalists whose aim it is to report the news in an unbiased manner. Take Dan Rather, for example. We tried so hard to pretend that he is a well-meaning journalist who slipped up by not checking out the forged documents on George Bush’s military service. Even Bill O’Reilly insisted that he didn’t believe for a second that Rather knew the documents were forged. Knew they were forged? How about the likelihood that he actually planned the whole thing (a la Richard Nixon and Watergate)?

  • We pretend that when politicians babble about “reform” bills, they are seriously interested in making things better for us. In our state of waking dreams, we ignore the reality that ethics reform always results in more unethical congressional behavior; that immigration reform results in making it easier for foreigners to enter the U.S. illegally and permanently; and that tax reform results in the working class paying higher taxes.

  • And, of course, the favorite of The Great Pretenders: We pretend that diversity is our greatest strength rather than acknowledging it as our greatest weakness. Cultural diversity makes us strong, right? All it takes is a daily dose of “We Are the World” and we become believers. If we don’t pretend to support the multicultural party line, we run the risk of being sent to a rehabilitation camp at UC Berkeley or Yale.

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Oh – and by the way – when The Platters recorded their blockbuster hit back in the ’50s, it’s interesting to note that the fourth verse of their classic began with, “Oh, yes, I’m the great pretender … just laughing and gay like a clown.” Gay like a clown? Could the world have changed so much over the past 50 years that “gay like a clown” meant something totally different then than it does today? Well, what the heck, in today’s anything-goes Western world, it’s no problem for us to pretend like a gay clown is perfectly acceptable as well.

The late Andrew Galambos, the free-market cult figure whom Harry Browne dubbed “the unknown libertarian,” was purported to have taught those who attended his lectures that almost everything everybody believes is wrong. And when we observe what passes for reality in today’s let’s-pretend world, his observation doesn’t seem that farfetched.

When aliens examine the ruins of Western civilization a thousand years from now, they will almost certainly come to the conclusion that its demise was brought about by the evolution of the civilized Western Homo sapiens into a mushy species known as The Great Pretenders.

In unison now, let’s hear it: War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.

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