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Rare biblical masterpiece – now in softcover!

Unavailable until recently, one of the most revered books in history, famous for biblically dating the creation date of the earth, and often cited authoritatively within the margins of the King James Bible itself, is now readily available in English to the general public – and in an affordable softcover version!

For the last few months, the hardcover version of “The Annals of the World” has been one of WND’s most popular products. Now, for the first time, this must-have reference work of biblical proportions is available at a much-reduced rate in a complete softcover edition.

Until Master Books commissioned an English-language translation of James Ussher’s legendary “Annals of the World,” this classic historical document – frequently described as the greatest history volume ever written – was available only in Latin.

As WND reported recently, Ussher meticulously calculated, using biblical references, that the world was created Oct. 23, 4004 B.C. – making it 6,009 years old.

In fact, one major factor in the resurgence of interest in “Annals” has been WND’s coverage of it. For instance, reviewer Martin Regtien wrote recently on the Pocket PC Reviews website: “If it weren’t for the advertising on WorldNetDaily.com I would not easily have heard of ‘The Annals of the World’ by James Ussher. They gave a lot of ‘air play’ to marketing a book that’s some 350 years old.”

In his review, Regtien notes:

James Ussher certainly had a “bias” which colored his historical perspective: he believed the Bible to be an accurate portrayal of history. Mind you, this goes beyond accepting that the Bible contains truth. Most Christians would accept that the Bible is true, otherwise their faith would have no basis in fact. But to believe that the 66 books that compose the Bible also are historically accurate is controversial.

But Regtien has no problem with the historical accuracy of the Bible, noting, “Time and time again archaeology proves the skeptics wrong.”

How could earth’s creation date be calculated?

In the 1650s, Ussher, an Anglican bishop, published his “Annals of the World,” subtitled, “The Origin of Time, and Continued to the Beginning of the Emperor Vespasian’s Reign and the Total Destruction and Abolition of the Temple and Commonwealth of the Jews.” First published in Latin, it consisted of more than 1,600 pages.

The book, now published in English for the first time, is a favorite of homeschoolers and those who take ancient history seriously. It’s the history of the world from the Garden of Eden to the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Of course, there will be those who disagree with Ussher’s calculations of time – especially evolutionists who need billions of years to explain their theory of how life sprang from non-life and mutated from one-celled animals into human beings.

Ussher’s arrival at the date of Oct. 23 was determined based on the fact that most peoples of antiquity, especially the Jews, started their calendar at harvest time. Ussher concluded there must be good reason for this, so he chose the first Sunday following autumnal equinox.

Although the autumnal equinox is Sept. 21 today, that is only because of historical calendar-juggling to make the years come out right.

If you think this is a startling fact – an actual date for Creation – you haven’t seen anything until you’ve pored through the rest of Ussher’s “Annals of the World.” It’s a classic history book for those who believe in the Bible – and a compelling challenge for those who don’t.

The new edition of “Annals” is one of the most significant publishing events of the 21st century.

In this masterful and legendary volume, commissioned by Master Books to be updated from the 17th-century original Latin manuscript to modern English and made available to the public, is the fascinating history of the ancient world from the Genesis creation through the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

Find out:

Ussher traveled throughout Europe, gathering much information from the actual historical documents. Many of these documents are no longer available, having been destroyed since the time of his research.

Integrating biblical history (around 15 percent of the text is from the Bible) with secular sources, Ussher wrote this masterpiece. Considered not only a literary classic, but also an accurate reference, “The Annals of the World” was so highly regarded for its preciseness that the timeline from it was included in the margins of many King James Version Bibles throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

“The Annals of the World” is a necessary addition to any church library, pastor’s library, or any library – public or personal. The entire text has been updated from 17th-century English to present-day vernacular in a five-year project commissioned by Master Books. Containing many human-interest stories from the original historical documents collected by Ussher, this is more than just a history book – it’s a work of history.

Special features:

About the book:

This is one of the most important literary, historical and Christian works you’ll ever own, a treasure for any home library. It’s a must for your homeschool library.

For generations, this classic work was considered part of the essential reading for educated people. Now you can read it – in English.

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