Can the war in Iraq be won?

If we listen to the so-called mainstream media and the majority of the newly empowered congressional Democrats, the answer is a resounding “no.”

However, there is a group of Americans who believe the war can still be won and that we should further invest in this effort, even though it has been very costly in American lives.

I happen to be one of those Americans.

I also believe it is critical to our future national security that the war in Iraq has a successful outcome. Cutting and running is simply the wrong “solution.”

A special guest

This Sunday (Jan. 21), I have invited Lt. Col. Steve Russell (Ret.) of Vets for Victory to address Thomas Road Baptist Church, the church I founded more than 50 years ago, to detail why he believes it so important we win this war. He will be speaking during the 6 p.m. service on the war in Iraq and giving his personal Christian testimony.

Lt. Col. Russell has the proper credentials to analyze and comment on the war. The unit he commanded was a central player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein. Now retired from the U.S. Army after serving 21 years in Airborne, Light and Mechanized assignments in the Arctic, the desert, the Pacific, in Europe and in the continental U.S., this highly decorated solider served more than seven years overseas and has deployed operationally to Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a recent article, Russell wrote: “Victory in Iraq hinges upon our national resolve to succeed. The decisive battle for Iraq is being fought on Main Street, not the Arab Street. The dangers of a failed Iraq, so accurately examined in the report, must be recognized. Public sentiment must be rallied with a vision from our national leaders. Enough of defeatism and hopelessness! Military leaders as well must be held accountable to a vision and capacity to provide victories. If they cannot, their replacements should be found.”

He continued, “Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt understood this very well. Americans are tired of hearing words like ‘difficult,’ ‘tough’ or ‘challenging.’ No kidding. This is war. If proposals reflecting a belief in victory are set in motion, Iraqis can take hope in the reputation of our national will, our national resources and our national ingenuity to ensure the time and effort to establish their emerging nation and secure a better future for us all.”

I believe the Vets for Victory message is a critical one for our nation. Many of our fellow citizens, weary from the recurrent negative reporting from Iraq, have determined that we need to get out of Iraq as soon as possible.

Even many conservatives have reportedly given up on winning the war.

I wish all my readers could join us at TRBC on Sunday night to hear Lt. Col. Russell’s timely message. For those who would like to hear his message, please tune into WRVL (our Liberty University-based FM radio station) on the Web Sunday night at 6 p.m. This will be an important message, and I hope many people will tune in.

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