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Nothing short of defeat

This past week in our nation’s capitol holds the record for the lowest form of politics ever played out in our 231-year history. If I hear one more time, ”We support the troops, we don’t support the mission,” I am going to scream and strangle something or someone. I can’t take it anymore!

Think of the misguided logic to even make such a statement, no less expect anyone above a third grader to believe it. This would be akin to a coach telling his team in the locker room, ”I believe in you guys but I don’t believe you have the ability to win the game … now go out there and get ’em!” I can only imagine how well that team would do. Thankfully the troops serving this nation heroically know better. They realize the tripe coming out of the mouths of the left is putrid politics in its worst form.

Self-esteem is an obsession with the left. So much so the left has no problem graduating high school students who can’t read, write or even speak English as long as they have ”self-esteem.” I only wish the war critics on the left were as concerned with the self-esteem and morale of the troops. Instead, the message from the left over and over again is that our troops are unable to win. Now don’t get the left wrong – they support the troops, but they can’t win. What absolute hogwash.

Be clear on one point about this war. The left will be satisfied with nothing short of defeat. But remember, they support the troops. The left demanded Rumsfeld’s head on a platter, they got it. The called for a change in plan, they got it. They have been calling for an increase in troops, they got it. Yet even when they get exactly what they demand, we see zero support from the left. They confirmed General Petraeus unanimously for a mission they think will fail? That is sick. Talk about Bush sending troops to a no-win situation. What about the cowards masquerading as senators sending Petraeus into a theater that ”we can’t win?”

It is time the senators of this nation stand up and be counted. If there are senators who truly believe we cannot win this war, than they should put their vote where their mouth is. On both sides of the aisle. Chuck Hagel and company need to stop talking and start voting. If this isn’t just politics, then vote to cut off funds to the war. The president will then be given no choice but to bring the troops home in defeat. Otherwise, give the president and the troops the support to do all they can to make this new plan with new leaders and more troops a success. Isn’t that what critics asked for? New secretary of defense – check. New plan – check. New leaders in the field – check. Sufficient troops to secure Baghdad – check. They got it all.

The left has learned from the November elections that ownership of the White House depends on the outcome of the war. If America is successful in Iraq the political landscape shifts dramatically. Democrats control both the House and the Senate and will not stop politicking until they have the White House. They appear drunk with the prospect as the media drools over Grandma Speaker Pelosi, Mother Gaia herself, redeemer of the Earth, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the new JFK – Barack Obama. Candidates like Edwards, Richardson, Kucinich or even the dog catcher are better than Bush in the minds of George Soros and the radical left. They are willing to spend the cash to prove it.

The Democratic left is now joined with certain voices from the Republican right saying the troops can’t win. They support them, but they can’t win. Really? I would like to see one of these spineless politicians go to Bagram Airbase or the Green Zone and tell the troops to their faces – ”You can’t win.” They would be booed off the stage so fast it would make even these shameless wimps blush. Our troops can win and they want to win. They live, die and have shed blood, to secure the peace and bring freedom to people who have lived under the oppression of a dictator. Our troops put their money where their mouths are every day of the week. So why not demand the same from the senators? The only solid, unchanging voice of support they ever get is from the head coach, George W. Bush. We have never heard him say we can’t win. He knows the capability of the American military. He supports his troops and has done so when many other politicians have succumbed to pressure. His is a leader. He could care less for airtime on NBC or column space at the L.A. Times. Can Hillary or Teddy say the same?

If we truly support the troops our leaders would allow and even encourage our military men and women to use the skills they have been taught and the equipment they have been supplied with to bring peace to Iraq. Our troops have to know we believe in them. We believe in the mission. We believe in the ability of the volunteer troops to serve the country. We believe in success. We know some mistakes will be made but we will assume the best of our troops and not the worst. The left assumes the worst every time. The troops never get the benefit of the doubt from the left. The left would rather assume the civil rights of a terrorist as more important than the troops. My Lord, do they really loathe the military that much?

The time has come for Americans to decide what we want. Make a decision and stop playing politics. If leaders in this country want us out of Iraq then cut off funds and stop the war. If they support the troops then support the troops and stop the nonsense. I believe we can win. In fact, I know we can. I have spoken to some of our officers on the frontlines. All they need is the green light to do their jobs without the N.Y. Times critiquing their every move. Micromanagement of the war by the media and now the senate is killing us. The troops follow their commander. They don’t stop and take polls. They execute orders and make each one of us proud with their bravery, heroism, integrity and honor.


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