Gov. Rick Perry is still drawing a barrage of criticism for signing on executive order almost two weeks ago forcing Texan parents to vaccinate their adolescent daughters against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus.

Perry rationalized, according to the Houston Chronicle, “If the medical community developed a vaccine for lung cancer, would the same critics oppose it, claiming it would encourage smoking?”

I have considered that analogy myself. It is perfect. Lung cancer is predominantly caused by a destructive behavior, cigarette smoking, which also causes a myriad of other health problems.

So to answer Perry’s question, everyone would welcome a lung cancer vaccine, but wouldn’t turn around and say, “Great, let’s all smoke!” Because we know smoking causes other cancers like laryngeal, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic as well as health problems like heart disease and infertility.

Furthermore, this behavior endangers the health of other people who come in contact with the smoker, like babies born with low birth weight.

Interestingly, the most ardent critics of smoking are lawmakers, who have increasingly sought to discourage this destructive behavior by making it more difficult.

HPV is also the consequence of a destructive behavior, sex outside of marriage.

While an HPV vaccination guards against four of over 100 strains of HPV (for four years, anyway), it will do nothing to stop a myriad of other sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis as well as health problems like HIV and infertility.

Furthermore, this behavior endangers the health of other people who come in contact with the STD carrier, like babies born with herpes.

So when renowns like actress Marissa Jaret Winokur and Illinois state Sen. Debbie Halvorson divulged their history of HPV as the basis for conducting a crusade against it, you’d think they would discourage the destructive behavior causing it by talking about it, such as:

  • Discussing the number of sex partners they had throughout their lifetime and how each one increased the likelihood of contracting HPV, or conversely how one can contract HPV from a sole encounter;

  • Discussing whether they realized at the time their sex partners carried HPV, which most people do not;

  • Discussing whether it was their husbands who passed HPV on to them after sleeping with other women, demonstrating a good reason for fidelity.

But instead of speaking against the cause of HPV, Winokur and Halvorson are instead promoting a vaccination to halt just a tiny fraction of the multitude of consequences of this destructive behavior.

Here is where they erred. After having publicly presented themselves as Exhibit A in this discussion they tried to say, “I have a history of this disease, but my solution excludes assessing the history of my disease.” That is illogical and dangerous. As an RN I’ll add it is bad medicine.

When I presented the aforementioned topics for discussion on a blog this week, liberals accused me of hate, extremism, personal attacks, venom and vitriol.

I do wish they could develop more than a six-word vocabulary to describe us, or perhaps shorten wasted space by creating an acronym to call us names, like “HEPAVV!” – although that sounds like a new STD they might inadvertently vaccinate themselves against, and then what would they have to say? But I digress.

Actually, it is misguided legislators who are personally attacking the health of our children by mandating they get a vaccine brand new on the market that the FDA acknowledges has not been thoroughly vetted. It’s not as if the FDA hasn’t approved dangerous meds before, Vioxx to name one.

Back to that lung cancer vaccine, or perhaps an HIV vaccine. I would be happy were those discovered. But I would rebel against the government mandating my child be vaccinated in case she someday took up smoking, became a lesbian or started shooting heroin.

Liberals accuse us of spreading “fear and threat” by discussing the dangers of promiscuity. Their demand for ignorance can be interpreted only one of two ways. Either liberals hold a paternalistic view of women as being too weak to handle the truth, or an exploitive view of women who should remain sex objects no matter the cost to their health. There is no other explanation for hysterical protests against spreading information about the cause of HPV.

The fact is sexually destructive behaviors are important financial and ideological cornerstones of liberalism. The abortion industry and homosexual lobby both funnel huge amounts of money to liberals, and both push the same agenda: complete sexual autonomy with no consequences.

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