“President” Rush Limbaugh on new Fox News Channel satire program

WASHINGTON – Who’s that man sitting in the Oval Office in January 2009 – puffing on a cigar?

It’s President Rush Limbaugh – at least that’s the way it appears in a new Fox News satire show debuting Sunday night.

And if that’s not enough to please conservatives and outrage liberals, wait until you see who the vice president is.

It’s none other than Ann Coulter, the editorial lioness of the right and a weekly columnist for WND.

“The ? Hour News Hour” is produced by Joel Surnow, co-creator and producer of Fox’s hit series “24,” now in its sixth season.

“It’s a comedy show, and it is a takeoff on liberal news these days,” said Limbaugh on his radio program yesterday. “It’s a 30-minute show, and the Fox News Channel has bought two of them, and essentially these are pilots. These are programs designed to see if they work, after which, if they do, then the big-time budget flows and these shows get produced for real. So they’ve got two test runs coming up. The first one is Sunday night at 10 o’clock after Sean Hannity’s new one-hour show, and in these episodes, I open each show in a skit as the president of the United States, and Ann Coulter is the vice president of the United States.”

How does Limbaugh describe the show?

“This show takes swipes at hysteria!” he says. “It takes swipes at the silliness of the seriousness of global warming or the silliness of people actually idolizing Che Guevara, a mass murderer. These are pretty funny shows, and I was thrilled to be asked to do these little opening skits in them. It’s hard work doing this stuff. I told you we were out there for eight hours in the studio to do three of these things, but they look good.”

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