I have every confidence America can defeat the enemy at the gates.

My worry is whether America has what it takes to defeat the enemy within our gates.

If you want to know what I mean by “the enemy within,” all you need do is take a look at former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II of the once-great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To say Joe Kennedy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth would be an understatement. He’s not just rich, he’s Kennedy-rich – still feeding at the trough built by his bootlegger (and Nazi bootlicker) grandfather of the same name. He’s traded on his name and his wealth to serve in the U.S. Congress.

Now he’s heading a nonprofit corporation, the Citizens Energy Corporation, whose mission is to “help make life’s basic needs more accessible and affordable.”

Sounds good. Who could argue with such an effort? But it’s not the purpose of Kennedy’s group that is subversive. It’s his methods.

Is Kennedy diverting his family’s excessive wealth to relieve the poor and downtrodden? No. Is he redistributing his own wealth the way he demands the government confiscate and redistribute yours? No.

What he is doing is inexcusable, exploitative and downright un-American.

Kennedy has struck a deal with Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez, an America-hating communist in the model of Fidel Castro, to supply his corporation with cheap oil, which is resold to his constituents at below-market prices, thereby making Chavez and Kennedy the working-class heroes of the lumpen proletariat, in Marxian lingo.

Kennedy then makes TV commercials in which he boasts: “I am Joe Kennedy. Help is on the way. Heating oil at 40 percent off from our friends in Venezuela at Citgo.” You can watch the whole sickening 30 seconds right here, if you have the stomach for it.

You might remember the scene when Chavez met with Cindy Sheehan last year and the two of them – birds of a feather – chanted “Down With America!”

Chavez is the biggest arms purchaser in the world today. Venezuela is building a 1 million man army. For what purpose? To challenge the USA. He is enlisting North Korea and Iran in his own little axis of evil. He is threatening to subvert his neighbors unless they capitulate to his vision of a united Latin America – united, that is, against the U.S. And he is cracking down on dissenters inside his own country – assuming virtual dictatorial powers. He is currently “ruling by decree.”

But this is Joe Kennedy’s buddy.

This is Joe Kennedy’s “friend in Venezuela.”

This is the man of the people, according to Joe Kennedy – a man of compassion who is rescuing the elderly and down-and-out dependents of Massachusetts’ failed welfare state.

You see, to the Joe Kennedys of the world, Hugo Chavez is a hero. It’s America that is the villain.

And we have lots of enemies inside the gate – people just like Joe Kennedy.

They’re people who will never give up their own inherited wealth. They will never yield the status into which they were born. They will never offer to share what they have with others in genuine acts of compassion.

But they will put on a great show. They will demagogue. They will claim to care about the poor. They will embrace evil in the name of good. They will tell you up is down and right is wrong.

And many will fall for this act.

That’s why this enemy is so dangerous.

I am more concerned about the Joe Kennedys of the world than I am about the Hugo Chavezes. Chavez, despite his wealth and his weaponry and his evil friends around the world, is never going to defeat the United States of America.

But the kind of moral decay spread inside our country by the Joe Kennedys could one day destroy all our forefathers built and squander everything for which they sacrificed.

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