In Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” he theorizes that world power fell because it rotted from within. Now WND readers have chosen as their top pick at Tom Tancredo’s “In Mortal Danger,” which explains that the United States already is well along its way down that same road.

Gibbons explains Rome rotted from within because of a loss of civic virtue, its citizens becoming lazy and soft and hiring barbarian mercenaries to defend the empire because they were unwilling to do it themselves.

Tancredo explains in his book how America’s progress is following the same course. He believes that the incredible economic success and historical military prowess of the United States has decayed, so that the nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles of right and wrong is now an overindulgent, immoral cesspool of depravity.

And without strong and moral leadership that can incorporate a sense of purpose, without a new commitment to family and community, without shunning the race hustlers and pop-culture sham artists, without “protecting our borders, language, and culture,” the United States soon could be another case study in the rise and fall of world powers, he explains.

His book also includes his prescription for halting that slide into oblivion, and suggestions for repairing the damage already done.

Tancredo, who recently confirmed he is considering a run for the White House, said he wants to do his duty “to do everything I can to keep faith with those who risked their ‘lives, fortunes and sacred honor’ to create this wonderful place we call America,” he said.

Tancredo, whose reputation is for strong enforcement of the nation’s immigration policies and security on the borders, has been described by WND columnist Michelle Malkin as one of those who are a “rare breed” in Washington.

“[He] puts principle above ego and country above party. ‘In Mortal Danger’ is a clarion call for all good citizens to come to the aid of this great nation. Our borders, culture, history and institutions are at risk. Tancredo’s lucid, passionate book shows the way to protect them,” she said.

Tancredo’s motto has been “I’m not going to Washington just to take up space. I’m going to make a difference” and it rings loud and clear in his writing.

Picked in second place by WND readers – the same spot it held a week earlier – was the Geneva Bible, a mainstay for Christians of four centuries ago.

The Geneva Bible was printed more than 200 times between 1560 and 1644 and was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the 16th and 17th centuries. During the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell issued a pamphlet containing excerpts from the Geneva Bible to his troops. William Bradford cited the Geneva Bible in his book “Of Plymouth Plantation.”

It arrived in America in 1620 with the Pilgrims, who carried both the King James Version of 1611 and the earlier 1599 Geneva Bible, which was not sanctioned by the government.

It includes marginal notes by Reformation leaders such as John Calvin, John Knox, Miles Coverdale, William Whittingham and Anthony Gilby that explained and interpreted the scriptures for the common people.

In third place was David Kupelian’s “Marketing of Evil, which, according to Malkin, “exposes the secular left’s rotten apple peddlers in devastating detail.”

The book tells how every kind of evil imaginable is being sold to a modern people under the guise of tolerance.

According to D. James Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Ministries, the book “brings into sharp focus what many have sensed and suspected for a long time: The effort to change America’s mind on issues like abortion, homosexuality, church-state separation, and more, is a well-thought-out strategic campaign that uses the methods of Madison Avenue to market rank lies.”

Here are the top sellers for Feb. 12-18.

  1. “In Mortal Danger”
    By Tom Tancredo

  2. “Geneva Bible”

  3. “The Marketing of Evil”
    By David Kupelian

  4. “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy (DVD)”

  5. “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense”
    By Charl Van Wyk

  6. “The Annals of the World”

  7. “The Forbidden Book – The History of the Engle Bible (DVD)”

  8. “Brotherhood of Darkness (book)”

  9. “Taking America Back (paperback)”

  10. “Megashift (paperback)”

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