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The Fresh Prince, the queen and the loony judge

What a week we have had in America. The Fresh Prince of D.C. visits Hollywood to raise millions for his coronation in 2008. Queen Hillary is screaming foul and acting like a crybaby over David Geffen’s observations of the lying abilities of the Clintons. While in Florida, Judge Larry breaks down in tears after ignoring three days of testimony and placing the possession of the decaying body of Anna Nicole Smith with Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney Richard Milstein. Is this a great country or what?

Barack Obama is sucking the oxygen from every room he enters. Whether it is in the worst neighborhoods of South Chicago or the mansions of Beverly Hills, Barack knows how to bring in the bank. He is a single-handed money machine amassing a war chest from which to launch his bid for the White House like no one else in recent political history. Names like George Soros, David Geffen, Jesse Jackson and now even former Majority Leader Tom Daschle have thrown their support to the Fresh Prince. He has no experience but hey, he has got charisma, cash and Hollywood’s best backing him so no experience is necessary. Hollywood loves fantasy and in Barack they get the ”dream” candidate.

Hillary’s army is in panic mode. Losing supporters, cash and media attention is more than a girl can take all in one week. Come on now. She is only a woman … I mean only a human. When asked about the comment from David Geffen about her and Bill’s unique ability to lie she responds with her patented line about how campaigns should not allow room for the ”politics of personal destruction.” She can’t be serious, can she? This from the woman who claimed a ”right-wing conspiracy” was out to get her husband. At least right up until the stain on the blue dress was traced back to her ”honest” husband. You know the guy who would never lie to the public, his wife or a grand jury. Truth hurts Hillary. Geffen’s comments were based in fact, not the politics of personal destruction.

Then we had Judge Larry Seidlin presiding over the circus in Broward County, Fla. Judge Larry was to rule on whom will make the decision regarding Anna Nicole Smith’s final resting place. You would think Anna Nicole found the cure for cancer or brought about world peace the way this hearing was handled. Judge Larry asked question after question as to the ”state of mind” Anna was in when writing her will. Was she influenced by the enormous amount of drugs she consumed? We will never know the true extent of Smith’s drug abuse, but one thing is certain; Judge Larry’s drug use was very apparent. Asking witnesses what they would do? That is a new one for future judges to consider. Judge Larry’s order should have included a drug test for the judge.

So what do a crazy judge, a scorned queen and the Fresh Prince have in common? Simple.
They all have the same ability to make me laugh. And they all lack the qualifications to perform the job they either hold or seek. They are all posers, fakes, frauds, liars or a combination there of. They all love to see themselves on camera. They yearn to be drooled over by the press. They want people to love them. Yet each one must ignore their popularity ratings to successfully execute their duties.

The president of the greatest country on the planet is never loved by all. Ask FDR when he broke his campaign promise and entered World War II. Ask George H.W. Bush when he raised taxes. G.W. Bush knows all about unpopular decisions. Ask the level of love they received when taking stands and sticking with them. Doing the right thing is never popular. Very necessary but never popular.

Just as the nut job judge passed the buck on the decision in the Anna Nicole case with tears streaming down his cheeks, so we will also see the queen and the Fresh Prince pass the buck on issues far more important than a final burial place. They will blame everyone and everything for what happens. The days of personal responsibility are way behind us and the day of buck passing is in full season.

What I wouldn’t give to see my grandfather’s generation come back from the grave to get us back on track. That generation understood right was right and wrong was wrong. There wasn’t a Madison Avenue polish on every word and every campaign button. Now-a-days it is all about the packaging and nothing about the contents.

The skin color, the gender, and the ability to entertain are not qualities that define a leader. The content of their character should be what we look for. It’s also the element each one of these clowns is missing. Just because it looks and sounds good doesn’t make it so.

I can only hope that last week was seared into your memory. We saw the worst side of our out of control court and political systems. We watched as grandstanding judges and politicians made complete fools of themselves and the systems they represent. We watched symbolism trump substance in the worst display of crybaby, childish behavior ever seen. Is this the best we have to offer for future leaders in America? Money grubbing, rhetoric spewing politicians of which one of whom may be a future president? Judges who love celebrity more than justice? Now only the Lord Himself can help this country.


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