The U.S. State Department has another great idea.

The problem in Europe, say the professional diplomats, is that European Muslims just aren’t assimilating the way they should.

So the geniuses at State have hired Farah Pandith from the National Security Council to head up a new effort to help European Muslims better integrate into European society.

Let me tell you something – they hired the wrong Farah for the wrong job.

Listen to the way these knuckleheads at State talk about this problem.

Daniel Fried, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, said the growing Muslim presence in Europe is “a fascinating issue and one that the American government is just now trying to get its mind around. It’s a huge problem, we are thinking about it seriously, and we’ve tried to do some intellectual framing-up.”

What does he propose?

He says Europe is to blame.

“You have a weird nativist surge in Western Europe, and a kind of odd panic: Aliens are here, they don’t accept our values, they are a threat to our way of life and turn to radicalism,” says Fried.

So State is going to bring American Muslims to Europe to meet with their counterparts in an effort to “break down stereotypes” and help them end their “self-isolation.”

In other words, psychobabble.

This isn’t about stereotypes and self-isolation. It’s about conflicting worldviews. It’s about an evil ideology that seeks to destroy Europe and the U.S. and conquer the world.

On one point, however, I think the eggheads at the State Department are right. The key to the outcome of this global conflict is in Europe.

Do you want to know how to win the fight against the global jihadists?

I’m going to tell you how, and I’m serious.

Re-Christianize the continent.

That’s what we need to do.

We need to re-evangelize Europe.

Europe is ripe for this experience.

It has experimented now with socialism for longer than the Soviet Union existed.

It has experimented with secular humanism as a religion.

And it has faced out-of-control immigration from Muslim lands. These new immigrants are happy to exploit the benefits of the welfare state, but they have no use for secular humanism.

If Europe is ever going to be re-evangelized, the time is now, while there is still a vestige of freedom left. Once Europe becomes Eurabia, evangelism, as we know it in the U.S., will carry with it the death penalty.

Europe is going to go one of two ways in the near future:

  • It’s going to become Eurabia;

  • It’s going to rediscover Christianity in a way that will give its people – native Europeans and transplants from Muslim countries alike – something else they can believe in.

Islamists are counting on Europe falling into their hands. Most Americans are simply awaiting the inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can do something about it. We can save Europe for the third time in 100 years – this time without firing a shot.

This can be done and must be done. Americans need to help – not just by becoming missionaries to Europe but especially by supporting the indigenous evangelists already at work there.

You often hear, these days, that Islam is the fastest-growing religion on the planet. I’m not sure from where these statistics come – probably from Saudi Arabia. The truth is that Christianity is the fastest-growing religion on the planet, with lots of Muslims converting all over the world.

No, I don’t think sending American Muslims to Europe is a good idea. I think sending American Christians there would make much more sense.

We don’t have to “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity,” as my friend Ann Coulter once suggested about our Islamo-fascist enemies. In Europe, all we have to do is convert them to Christianity – peacefully, voluntarily, non-coercively, lovingly.

It’s time to reintroduce Europe to Christianity.

It is a continent much in need of salvation.

It is a continent filled with people who are lost.

It’s time they had a real choice – not just between secular humanism and Islam, but also the choice of Christianity, the faith that made Europe great.

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