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Mass media threaten Europe – and America!

The mass media of entertainment based in Hollywood has infected the Western world with the radical, atheist political correctness that is eating away at the faith and values of entire countries like a terminal cancer.

Now, major writers are calling Europe “Eurabia.” In fact, a recent survey showed that there were more Muslims in Europe than Protestants. One report has this to say: “Europe is almost lost to demographic winter and to the secularists. If Europe goes, much of the world will go with it.”

That includes, of course, the United States of America!

A large part of the problem is that the current aging generation of Europe has exchanged the faith and values that fended off the Muslims, the Nazis and the Communists with rampant mass media consumerism.

This, of course, has led to atheism, pagan hedonism and perversion.

For example, Berlin prides itself now on being the homosexual capital of the world. Furthermore, some places in Europe are enforcing Islamic law and even setting up different, apartheid-like rules for Muslims and other groups. And Ukraine sells more girls into the sex trade than almost any other nation and now has one of the highest AIDS rate in the world.

This is grave news, but you can help me go to share the Good News.

Several of these countries are now asking me to help them become culture wise and media wise. I have been invited again to talk to the World Congress of Families in Warsaw, Poland, on protecting the children, redeeming the media and teaching families to train their children to be culture wise and media wise.

I have also been invited to talk and speak on the same subjects in Berlin, in Zurich again and in Kiev again, and to the European Parliament that now rules all of Europe. I am committed to go to all of these places and groups, and am grateful to be asked.

Although the event in Warsaw is being co-sponsored by the president of Poland and the event at the European Parliament has the backing of that body, there is still a large dearth of funds and support for this important mission trip. Your prayers will enable us to help families become culture wise and media wise, to bring revival, reformation and renewal, and to stop the cancer of radical political correctness that is driving Europe back into the pagan dark ages.

If Christian Europe falls, how can America survive? How can you, your family, children and grandchildren?

Many friendly pundits have been asking us lately if America or its Christian people falls to the Adversary, who will protect the rest of the world?

I ask you, however, if what’s left of Christian Europe succumbs to these terrible dangers, who will help America? And, more to the point, who will protect your family, children and grandchildren?

The United Nations? Communist China? Buddhist Japan? The Hindus in India? Atheists United? The world’s scientists? The American Civil Liberties Union? The World Trade Organization? Wall Street? San Francisco?

The ultimate answer to these questions is, of course, Jesus Christ. But, the other answer to the question of who can help Europe, the United States of America and your family, children and grandchildren is YOU!

The Triune God and the Son of the Father, Jesus Christ, do their work through you, including your prayers for this ministry and its activities in Hollywood, America, Europe and around the world.

Without God inspiring you to pray, this ministry cannot function. And, without your prayers, your family will suffer.

The mass media is the problem; it has a great effect on your family. In fact, the mass media create the culture that greatly influences the behavior of your family, children, grandchildren and the whole world.

Thus, ultimately, the mass media are the main reason Europe, America, your family, your children and the whole world are in grave danger from secular atheists, radical liberals or “progressives,” as well as the horrors of Islam.

As Edmund Burke, the father of conservatism, once said, “One man with conviction makes a majority.” Each one of you can play a very important role, therefore, in staving off the secular progressives and Islamic fanatics.

After all, although we may be great sinners, Jesus Christ is a greater savior, and God can do all things through those of us who love Him.

Note: Tom Snyder contributed to this column.