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Is Islam compatible with a republic?

“Dr. Franklin, what have you given us?” “Madam, we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it!” – Benjamin Franklin (1787)

Since 9-11, the societal and cultural battle lines for the soul of civilization have become ever more defined and at the same time, increasingly opaque – between America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and Islam, between a representative republic (not democracy, which is mob rule) and totalitarianism, between freedom lovers and religious tyranny, between Justices Thomas and Scalia and the ACLU, between Reagan and craven politicians that will say and do anything to get elected.

How can men of goodwill reconcile two worldviews so diametrically opposed to one another, yet which are so interconnected? America and Israel have not only welcomed Arabs and Muslims from every country on earth, but allowed them to build mosques and to worship their god according to the dictates of their own conscience, yet our magnanimity is not reciprocated by Muslims.

If you think I write from hyperbole, just try building a church or a synagogue in an Arab nation. They won’t even allow you to bring a Bible into most Arab countries. Not even our well-traveled secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice (who earlier this year was in Saudi Arabia), is allowed to read a few comforting passages of peace from the book of Psalms in the land of Mecca and Medina as she lies down to sleep. No! It is forbidden by the Quran. Islam will tolerate no other gods before it.

Islam’s command from Quran in the book of Sirah – “Kill the infidel where you find him” – has been the rallying cry of the majority of Muslims despite the sham protestations of the so-called “moderate” Muslims to the contrary whenever the world community demands contrition at the most recent Muslim bombings that occur worldwide almost daily. To counter this, America should heed the words of that Lion from Great Britain, Sir Winston Churchill, whose indomitable courage and steely demeanor in the face of Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombs falling all around his head nightly during World War II, solemnly intoned:

We shall fight them on the beaches,

We shall fight them on the shore,

We shall fight them in the fields and streams,

We shall fight them in the city;

We shall never surrender, never, never, never …!

Where is Churchill today? Where is Reagan? Where is Margaret Thatcher? At that fateful hour where we need a champion there is no one to stand in the gap as Churchill did during World War II, a leader who instinctively knew that “This is no war of chieftains or of princes, of dynasties or national ambition; it is a war of peoples and of causes. …” His courage was not alone in history – from Franklin and the constitutional framers, who stood firm against the naked tyranny of King George III, to Ronald Reagan, who, despite the venomous protestations from the academy, the ACLU, political mediocrities on both sides of the aisle and the propaganda press, showed resolve and destroyed Soviet Communism and stemmed the tide of Marxist tyranny across the world.

During these perilous times, does America have a man that will stand in the gap? Nay, all we have is this craven, ambitious political class that only aspires to the presidency or to plunder the federal treasury to give largess and political bribes to their lazy, covetous constituencies. In the meantime, potential Muslim “sleeper cells” are exploiting our First Amendment religious freedoms and have for the past generation built more and more mosques right here on American soil with Saudi Arabian money – while daring us to try to put one brick for one synagogue or one church on Muslim land. Presently, Muslims are building the largest mosque outside of the Middle East right in the middle of London. The civilized world is indeed shrinking.

The Benjamin Franklin opening quote is a testament to the ignominious results America would suffer if she chooses the wrong worldview. It was made by that august sage of the Colonial Period as he departed from Constitution Hall in Philadelphia at the end the First Constitutional Convention, Sept. 18, 1787. Franklin had just finished a grueling series of meetings with representatives from all 13 colonies, each with their own petty, selfish interests and provincial agendas. They tried with every Machiavellian artifice to make their narrow interests pre-eminent in America’s charter document. Finally, after weeks of arguing, debating, threatening, drafting, redrafting, amending and re-amending, our beloved Constitution was essentially born.

Nevertheless, Franklin, knowing the savageness and intractability of human nature was convinced that unless America’s republic was rooted in strong moral precepts out of the Judeo-Christian tradition, that republic would die a stillborn death in the cradle – thus his sardonic reply to that inquisitive, anonymous lady: “Madam, we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it!” In other words, if you [America] don’t %!&*@ it up.

To revisit my initial question – Is Islam compatible with a republic? With Islamic radicalism running rampant both in America and throughout the West, all people of goodwill and those who love liberty must emphatically answer, No! With this said, what will America do about the enemies in our midst? Continue to put our heads in the sand and ape the idiotic rantings from the propaganda press? – “Islam is a religion of peace”; “Islam welcomes all faiths”; “George W. Bush is the biggest enemy of freedom, not al-Qaida”; and other asinine babblings of the political left, or will real men rise up, demand that the FBI put every mosque and imam in America under constant surveillance (as J. Edgar Hoover would have done) and find out what is really going on with our Muslim friends here in America?

In conclusion, I propose that the Justice Department bring criminal charges against the American Civil Liberties Union under the RICO statutes and confiscate all its assets. Why? Since the 1930s, this inimical group has so perverted the Constitution and the rule of law that our government can no longer properly function to protect the American people for fear of a lawsuit by these radicals. Remember, we used RICO statutes to neutralize the KKK, religious cults and the Mafia; the ACLU is more dangerous than those groups put together.

I believe at the 11th hour America will wake up and fight against our enemies – domestic and international, as she finally did against the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. My repeated vexing concern is that this generation’s “Pearl Harbor” was on Sept. 11, 2001, over five and a half years ago, while America, Britain, Israel and all nations of goodwill still slumber and sleep.

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