Ellis Washington

Can anything true and clear come from Washington? Perhaps – but only if it’s from the person and not the city. Today, Ellis Washington – attorney, author and lecturer – joins WorldNetDaily’s cadre of exclusive commentators with his column dubbed “The Report from Washington.”

An editor on the Michigan Law Review two years before acceptance to law school, Washington is a graduate of John Marshall Law School and specializes in constitutional law, legal history, political philosophy and critical race theory. He has written over a dozen law review articles and several books, including “The Inseparability of Law and Morality: The Constitution, Natural Law and the Rule of Law” (2002). He has just completed the manuscript to his latest book, “The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust.”

A former law clerk for the Rutherford Institute, Washington has taught university classes in History, Law, Philosophy and Political Science – much of it in Michigan-area schools.

Other books by Washington include “The Devil is in the Details: Essays on Law, Race, Politics and Religion” (Vantage Press, 1999) and “Beyond the Veil: Essays in the Dialectical Style of Socrates” (iUniverse.com, 2000; Hamilton Books, 2004, revised). Washington used the dialectical style of Socrates in a recent guest column for WorldNetDaily, “Symposium: Should public education be free?”

Besides Washington’s teaching, writing and speaking endeavors, he has worked in the field of music. Since 1987, Washington has served as managing editor of the Michigan Music Research Center (Detroit, Mich.), where he studied history, writing, languages and research techniques with the legendary historian Arthur R. LaBrew.

Washington’s exclusive column will appear on WND’s weekend commentary page.

Read Washington’s first weekly column, “Is Islam compatible with a republic?”

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