Nedra Pickler, writing for the Associated Press wrote, “[Al] Gore…testified before House and Senate panels about a ‘true planetary emergency’ if Congress fails to act. He [added that] addressing the problem is a moral issue and should not be partisan or political.” (Gore Implores Congress to Save Planet; 3/21/07)

I may not be endowed with auditory enablers the size of a certain liberal presidential candidate from Illinois, but I know “hooey” when I hear it.

I remember hearing the over-the-top prognosticators of doom and gloom dating back to my college days and before. I remember hearing the environmentalists predict a global drop in temperature was going to occur and create a new ice age. We are still waiting for Newsweek’s 1975 article about the impending ice age entitled “The Cooling World” by Peter Gwynne, to become a reality – the article predicted the world could expect same to happen within 10 years of its date of writing.

There was the acid rain scare, predictions of forest death in Central Europe, and other apocalyptic predictions, not the least of which were those outlined in William and Paul Paddock’s book entitled “Famine-1975.” They argued that, “by 1975, a disaster of unprecedented magnitude [would] face the world and famines greater than any in history [would] ravage the undeveloped nations.”

The Arizona Republic, on June 2, 1968, wrote “professor R. Heilbroner of New York predicted that in the early 1970s, ‘the greatest catastrophe the world has ever known’ [would] occur when the population far outstrips the available food supply.”

From the beginning, radical prognosticators of environmental apocalypse have been miserably wrong. Now, armed with new fictional threats and apocalyptic warnings, they seek to legislate the environment and thus further erode the rights of individuals.

I’m not suggesting that certain common sense considerations aren’t necessary. Dumping raw waste and pollutants into our water and attention to certain factory emissions are no-brainers. However, Dave Stirling, vice president of the Pacific Legal Foundation, was correct when he said, “[It is a] myth that heavy regulation promotes environmental health. In their zeal to promote their eco-political agenda, many environmentalists ignore evidence that overbearing regulation is counter-productive. A balanced approach – one that takes into account the human factor, the effect on jobs, the economy, and people’s ability to provide shelter and support their families – is actually the most promising and humane way to protect the environment.” (PLF Announces 2006’s Top Five Earth Day Lies; 4/20/06)

Al Gore basks in his new found celebrity as the environmental equivalent of Oskar Schindler, but “an inconvenient truth” is the murderous policy he defends while preaching save the planet. He claims “the planet has a fever” and that “if your baby [had] a fever you [would] go to the doctor.” An interesting analogy, considering the number of children who will never have the chance to visit a doctor who is concerned about their well-being, before they are murdered by the abortion industry Gore bows before – a holocaustic juggernaut that murders an unborn child approximately every 21.6 seconds in the United States.

“The period from 30 January 1933 to 8 May 1945 consists of 4,481 days. This means that the number of Jews murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust averaged 1,339 victims per day, or 56 victims per hour, or about one victim every 50 seconds or so. In the United States there are 4,000 abortions performed every day.” (Abortion: The American Holocaust; Center for Bio-Ethical Reform; 1/24/07)

Nearly 1,500 of these daily abortions are performed on black women. Planned Parenthood, one of Gore’s chief benefactors, specifically targets low income black neighborhoods, with 76 percent of their abortion clinics being located in same.

“Planetary emergency” in my vernacular is one where unborn black children are being murdered at a rate of 40 percent in the U.S. I call 46 million plus unborn children murdered worldwide yearly and the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens along with Gore’s support for same, a planetary emergency of epic proportions.

Gore is right on one point: “There is a sense of hope in this country that [one day the] United States Congress will rise to the occasion and present meaningful solutions to this crisis.” And the best way to begin is by ending abortion, and introducing an immigration reform bill that calls for the immediate arrest and deportation of all illegals – one that sanctions any business or individual that employs, aids, or assists illegals, and one that calls for signs to be posted along the border facing Mexico with pictures of handcuffs and prison bars. It might also include language whereby we could charge Mexico with the cost of deportation.

Of course, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath because “morality and non-partisan politicisms,” in Gore’s vernacular, is that which enslaves and inconveniences all but himself and his kind.

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