The president and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales are on the same page when it comes to protecting children from Internet predators.

At a press briefing, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said such issues are very important to the administration.

She was responding to a question from Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House. He asked: “Regarding your mentioning of the exploitation of children, another attempt to prevent children from being exposed to pornography on the Internet has been struck down by a federal judge. How important is it that the nation implement protections to keep professional pornographers from preying on America’s children?”

“Obviously, no one would want to see children preyed upon, and so those matters are very important,” Perino said.

“So you disagree with this judge?” Kinsolving asked.

“I haven’t seen the ruling or the judge, and I have to refer you to the Justice Department for their reaction,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gonzales was lobbying in Denver for improvements to protect children from sexual predators online.

He met with high school students as well as law enforcement leaders about his Project Safe Childhood campaign, and previewed a campaign to teach children to “think before you post” personal information online.

“This is a war. I worry about how much progress we are making,” he said. “It’s not enough to simply enforce the law.”

He noted the federal court decision last week removed from prosecutors’ use a federal child protection plan because of its 1st Amendment implications.

Kinsolving also asked about the salary of $915,000 a year for the head of the Smithsonian, and his $90,000 in unauthorized expenses. “Does the president support Republican Sen. Grassley in his expose of this, and his amendment to freeze a $17 million proposed increase in the Smithsonian budget?”

Perino said it certainly was appropriate for the senators to look into the issue, but it would make little difference to Lawrence Small, because he had resigned from his Smithsonian post – just about the time the question was being asked.

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