Where’s the real Jack Bauer when you need him?

That’s what fans of “24” may be thinking after watching “South Park” spoof the popular Fox Network terrorist drama.

Last night’s cartoon followed the format of “24,” complete with triple and quadruple split-screen video, deciphering of terrorist clues online, and even a digital clock dramatically counting down crucial seconds.

The storyline featured Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., unknowingly hosting a nuclear device inside her – well, body.

Hillary Clinton being informed she has a nuclear device inside her body on “South Park” (Comedy Central)

The show also mimicked “24’s” amazing ability to find crucial information instantly from the Internet as the government sought a Russian connection to the Hillary suitcase nuke.

Children on “South Park” use cell phones and the Internet to instantly gather intelligence on a suitcase nuke inside Sen. Hillary Clinton (Comedy Central)

“Search the name ‘Stolsky’ on YouTube and cross-reference him with [Jewish singles site] J-Date,” said one official.

“We’ve just received intel that Russian terrorists are believed to be responsible for the threat,” responded a counterterror operative.

“Where is the intel from?” the official asked.

“We just read it on Drudge Report,” was the answer.

Intelligence to solve the crisis was also collected from popular websites such as America Online, eBay, MySpace and MapQuest.

CIA agents examine a schematic drawing depicting a nuclear device hidden inside the body of Sen. Hillary Clinton on “South Park” (Comedy Central)

Reaction to the cartoon is now trickling in on the Net.

J.T. Thompson, a former worker for the Department of Defense, noted on the anti-Hillary website, HillaryProject:

Even while poking fun at her, the [“South Park”] creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were very considerate to the New York senator. Remembering how caught up Hillary is in her being overweight … she was built rather out of proportion in the episode with her rear end about three times larger than her head. They did manage to make fun of her terrible attempt at a Southern accent. We can’t help but wonder how the woman with an absolute void for humor is soaking in the attention. If she could get past them shoving nuclear devices inside her, and the huge rear end they portrayed her as decisive, confident and appealing. The irony is that it took a cartoon to make Hillary likeable.

Editor’s note: Two clips from last night’s “South Park” featuring Hillary Clinton can be seen at the show’s official website. Viewer discretion advised.

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