The shameful members of the U.S. Senate (48 Democrats plus two despicable Republicans) who voted to undercut the missions of our troops in Iraq have a lot to answer for when the history books are written.

No matter how many times the terrorists have cited America’s lack of resolve to fight the war on terrorism, the politicians in Congress cannot grasp that their cowardly actions encourage the terrorists to steal across Iraqi borders, carrying stockpiles of Iranian-designed and produced bombs and weaponry with which to murder more innocents along with America’s military men and women.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and those who voted with them are emboldening the enemies of America. Period.

The Democratic leaders of the House and Senate are bright enough to read the terrorists’ statements declaring Iraq the frontline in the war on terrorism, so it is not a lack of intellect that has brought them to this shameless point. Instead, it is an absolute contempt for our military, our commander in chief, our troops serving on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ultimately the people of this nation.

We are at war. It is a war that has been declared against us so many times, no one has an accurate count.

When radical Islamic militants declared “jihad” against the United States more than 20 years ago, many people didn’t take it seriously.

So the jihadists hijacked our planes. They killed our military personnel like Navy diver Robert Stethem. They blew up our embassies. They blew up our Marine barracks.

In 1993, the terrorists detonated a bomb in the World Trade Center in New York that injured thousands – and one of the terrorist masterminds fled to Iraq, where he was coddled as a hero.

We watched as Islamic terrorists kidnapped journalists like Daniel Pearl and beheaded him. We even allowed Islamic terrorists to bomb the USS Cole, and still our response was muted. Fight back in this war? No way, we just kept taking the hits over and over again.

After 9-11, and with a commander in chief who has at least some guts, we swore to take the fight to the terrorists. Our leaders in Congress voted to support this effort and committed our troops to a fight that this nation vowed to win.

But now the rug has been pulled out from under the men and women of our military.

These despicable members of Congress are so focused on scoring political points that they are sinking to the level of undermining our troops and putting America’s national security in real danger.

Now that is an impeachable offense, and if there were any integrity or honor whatsoever left in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would face impeachment hearings by their colleagues in the House and Senate.

To all those who don’t believe the terrorists’ words in their pronouncements that Iraq is the frontlines in the war on terrorism, then believe the actions of al-Qaida, which sent thousands of fighters into Iraq to kill U.S. troops.

Believe the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who fled Afghanistan for Iraq after the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. Out of all the nations in the entire world the man who would lead the al-Qaida terrorist network against the U.S. chose to go to Iraq – geez, I wonder why.

And if you don’t understand that Iraq is still the frontline in the war on terrorism, then believe the actions of the Iranians who entered Iraqi territorial waters to take hostage 15 British sailors.

The Iranians are testing the resolve of the British, and so far the Brits have performed no better than the spineless members of the U.S. Congress. My advice to British Prime Minister Tony Blair is this: Show some of the backbone that brought you to the frontlines of Iraq in the first place. Stand and fight the terrorist thugs in the Iranian government who snatched your soldiers and who now parade them in front of the TV cameras like some cat playing with a mouse it has caught.

The terrorists are at war with us. They wish to destroy Western civilization – an entity they view as evil – using every weapon they can get their hands on.

This week they got an assist from the same members in Congress who swore an oath “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

These members of Congress have knifed our troops in the back and have their blood on their hands.

If we don’t stop them from undercutting the war on terrorism any further, it will be joined with the blood of even more American civilians fallen victim to terrorist attacks on our home soil.

It’s time to put away the white flag of surrender and fight this war to win.

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