Liberal Democrats of the House and Senate continue to be on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of that which is in the “vital interest” of America. And it would appear they are determined, at any cost, to ensure that legacy, as “cut and run we won’t fund the war” bills were passed in both houses of Congress.

The House bill requires combat operations to cease before September 2008, or even earlier, if the Iraqi government doesn’t perform according to standards that are consistent with liberal interests. While the Senate version, which interestingly enough is nonbinding, orders the president to begin withdrawing an unspecified number of troops within 120 days after passage, the goal being to end all combat operations by March 31, 2008.

Passage of the House bill along strict party lines, in the face of a threatened presidential veto, was chorused as a triumph for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In fact, one would have thought the liberal harridan had just crossed the Delaware on a cold winter’s night in her silk-stockinged feet.

The bills are obviously meant to embarrass the president, undermine the military’s ability to perform their task by withholding funding, appease the socialist anti-war groups that support them, and provide cover for the billions of dollars in pork-barrel spending and giveaways to the rest of their loyal liberal supporters.

The war may be unpopular among some liberal Democrats – like Pelosi and those who convene at her sabbat – but Americans are not fooled. They would do well to bear in mind also that Joe Lieberman won in a landslide as a pro-war moderate in a blue state, with the entire Democrat machine aligned against him. They may spin their actions as being in the best interest of America, but in actuality they are just petulant children pandering to their handlers.

The question that demands answering is: “What sort of individuals, who are elected to serve and defend the citizens of their country, do everything in their power not only to undermine brave American and Allied troops, but at the same time give aide, comfort and encouragement to the enemy at every opportunity?”

As I have said many times, war is not an exact science. Our military personnel know this all too well. Yet the history of America is replete with an unbroken record of victory, despite severe setbacks and monumental tactical errors. Said record of victory remained unblemished, even in the face of setbacks, until socialist anti-war liberals – who prided themselves on quoting Mao and Marx while “dropping out in order to drop in” – were able to exert influence, take over academia, get their own elected and bring a premature end to Vietnam.

Democrats as a whole have a history, dating back to their inception, of being on the wrong side of history. They were on the wrong side of history in supporting slavery. They were on the wrong side of history in supporting segregation, and they were on the wrong side of history in their support of the Ku Klux Klan. They were certainly on the wrong side of history in opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in denying our troops victory in Vietnam. They remain on the wrong side of history in placing the welfare of terrorists over the safety of the American people and the war on terror in general.

Are liberals undermining American’s ability to win this war based on political expediency, or do they act out of a sense of sympathetic brotherhood with the craven murderers who hide behind women and children?

Liberals should acquaint themselves with that which they are obviously bereft of – that is, that history favors the brave, not the coward. From the signers of the Constitution to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King – it is courage, integrity and loyalty to the country and its citizenry that history applauds. Military men, from the Revolutionary War to Grant to McArthur and Eisenhower, military men from Guam to Sicily to Luzon and Iwo Jima, to the Jarheads and their counterparts in Vietnam, are remembered for their bravery. The late Ronald Reagan will not be a footnote in history based on hallway dalliances. Everett Dirkson is remembered for far more than being on the wrong side of a filibuster.

Nowhere in history are men and women extolled and revered for cowardice, whether it be spelled P-e-l-o-s-i, R-e-i-d, M-u-r-t-h-a, K-e-r-r-y or D-e-m-o-c-r-a-t P-a-r-t-y. Yet that is exactly what liberals want America to do now – applaud them for their cowardice and refusal to stay the course of a necessary war.

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