When I got my copy of the March 12 issue of Sport Illustrated, with Florida Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis hip deep in a flooded Dolphin Stadium to promote the magazine’s “Sports and Global Warming” issue, I just had to laugh.

“As the Planet Changes, So Do the Games We Play: Time to Pay Attention,” warned the headline.

As much as I like the photography and some of the writing in Sports Illustrated, I will not be renewing my subscription.

Of course, what should we expect? Sports Illustrated is part of the Time Warner AOL conglomerate that has fallen hook, line and sinker for the global warming fraud. Through all of its media tentacles, this communications beast spreads the lie that man’s activity on the planet is responsible for changing the climate, specifically producing too much carbon dioxide that leads to global warming.

Now the hysteria is being spread to sports fans – many of whom, I suspect, only read Sports Illustrated to take a break from this kind of pervasive propaganda in news and entertainment outlets.

I laughed about the cover. I thought, “Thanks, you’ve made my renewal decision easy this year.” I even dropped the magazine in the circular file so that no one else might be misled by this sophomoric, cartoonish attempt at science reporting in Sports Illustrated.

I didn’t even think about that wacky cover story again until last night as I was actually watching major league baseball games around the country.

Let me tell you something: Global warming was the least of their worries.

In Yankee Stadium, fans were bundled up like Eskimos. The only body parts visible for many were eyes peering through woolen scarves draped over chins, mouths, noses and foreheads.

But things were even worse in Detroit where the game between the Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays had to be canceled – not because of rain, but because of snow and temperatures that dropped into single digits.

In other words, no team in baseball has had to worry about global-warming induced flooding, as the Sports Illustrated cover story suggested. Instead, in the 2007 baseball season the big concern is freezing temperatures.

I know what Al Gore will say about this.

Global warming brings on unpredictable weather – not just heat.

To which I say: How convenient.

I would love to be promoting a theory (which has been turned into a lucrative business for Al Gore) that works no matter what happens. Snow, rain, cold, heat, wet, dry – they are all symptoms of global warming.

The rest of us just need to remember this is not science; it’s religion.

It takes faith to believe in global warming.

You need to pretend the sun is not the major factor in how warm Earth is at any given time.

You need to pretend that your choice of light bulb can really impact the temperature of the planet.

You need to pretend deviating temperatures of the past, before industrialization, didn’t mean anything, while deviating temperatures in the industrial age spell doom and gloom.

You need to pretend that buying carbon credits from Al Gore will actually save the planet.

You need to pretend massive, government-forced redistributions of wealth can reduce the temperature of the planet.

That’s a lot of pretending.

Personally, I think I’d prefer to just go watch a ballgame.

By the way, no trees were cut down to bring you this message. Can Sports Illustrated make that claim?

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