Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m not worked up about Don Imus being fired. It doesn’t matter to me who fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s baby. And I don’t care who won “American Idol.”

I watch the news for, well, news. And while America is looking the other way, they’re missing it. Case in point: Last week, I had Joseph Farah on my Faith2Action radio broadcast. While he talked about transforming the way America gets news, Iran’s nuclear proliferation and plans to attack us, and the threatening merger of a “North American Union,” Fox News spent much of that time reporting the “breaking news” of a horse stuck in the mud.

While we will all sleep better knowing Buttercup is out of the muck, the muddy horse coverage is the least of the problems on the network we turn to for “fair and balanced” “news.” I’ve been a long-time and outspoken advocate of Fox News. I’ve been an outspoken advocate on Fox News. But, increasingly, it’s not about “news.” On Saturday night, for example, John Kasich’s “Heartland” program was replaced with a trashy show that couldn’t get enough B-roll of gyrating strippers and featured “award-winning investigative reporting” about who made it to the cover of Playboy magazine. Add to that such journalistic feats as the Victoria Secret’s fashion show and the latest “Playmate” turned pundit and you have what masquerades as news today: Lust and fluff. Not to let CNN off the hook; they have all that with such a liberal bias that if they keep pumping it into airports, the air-sickness bags will be required inside the terminal gates.

Instead of whining about the liberal (lazy and lustful) media, Joseph Farah started his own (as detailed in his latest book, “Stop the Presses!”). And now, 8 million people turn to WorldNetDaily each month. Fox’s audience is about 3 million, compared to CNN’s approximately 1 million and MSNBC’s half million or so (or as Ann Coulter puts it, “an occasional show of hands”). According to Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, the number of people watching the network news has been cut in half since 1994. The good news is today 90 percent of America doesn’t watch the network news. They can’t tell it apart from “Entertainment Tonight,” anyway.

When you quit yelling at the TV and actually put your “Faith to Action,” you can see results. Results like Al Gore, who previously won every single county in his home state, defeated there, costing him the presidential race. Turns out the folks in Tennessee cared about the WND investigative reports of their senator’s corruption. A rather “inconvenient truth,” wouldn’t you say? WND did something. Then the people of Tennessee did, too. Truth matters because it can change history.

The problem with Imus and Anna is they serve as a distraction, diversion and disruption of where the battle is the hottest. Martin Luther put it this way:

“Though we be active in the battle, if we are not fighting where the battle is the hottest, we are traitors to the cause.”

Where’s the battle the hottest? Where is the greatest threat to our freedoms right now? As you read this, I will be in Washington, D.C., at the hearing that threatens to throw every “thought crime” dissenter of the homosexual agenda in jail. Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself what they did to the elderly dissenters in Philadelphia, along with nine others including a teenager.

As I say on my show, I’m sick of talking and tired of losing battles we can win. I say we do something about it. At a press conference on Capitol Hill hosted by our Faith2Action partner, the Traditional Values Coalition, I’ll be announcing a national television campaign to show this ad on Fox News and in the D.C. market. Unless you’re fond of starting your own prison ministry, perhaps you would like to help put this ad on the air:


They said hate crimes wouldn’t silence our freedoms.

But, now, we know better.

My name is Arlene Elshinnawy. I’m a 75-year-old grandmother of three.

On October 10, 2004, I attended a homosexual event in Philadelphia. We went there to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, instead, I was arrested, jailed and charged under Pennsylvania’s hate crimes law.

If you care about freedom, stop the hate crimes bill before they throw you in jail for sharing the Gospel.

Call Congress: 202-224-3121

Visit and help us sound the alarm while there is still time. Put your faith to action, then send it to everyone you know. Or … you could go back to watching Imus and Anna if you’d like. Enjoy it while you can, because if you happen to be a Christian or dissenter of the homosexual agenda, I’m not sure they’ll let you watch it when they throw you in the jail cell next to grandma.

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