The appalling mass murder spree at Virginia Tech University has dominated this week’s news headlines and captivated the nation’s attention. NBC Nightly News leaped to first place in the nightly news ratings battle after the network aired exclusive video and pictures of the Virginia Tech shooter, Cho Seung-Hui.

And while that NBC report was being broadcast to the nation, a digital video recorder or VCR was recording the news broadcast so that the far-left political activists at Media Matters for America could analyze it for possible use in their propaganda war against conservatism.

The front page of Media Matters’ website contains a section dedicated to the Virginia Tech shooting, including an attack on reporters who have referenced the constitutional right to bear arms. For Media Matters, the Virginia Tech shooting represents a key opportunity for them to help advance new laws restricting gun ownership rights, and they are going to take on anyone who stands in their way.

While the story of the Virginia Tech shootings was by far the No. 1 story on news websites such as the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily, for the liberals at Media Matters, the Don Imus controversy was still their featured topic. These liberals weren’t done circling around the carcass of Don Imus’ career, celebrating and howling like coyotes after a kill.

It was Media Matters after all who had launched the campaign against Imus, after the far-left organization’s employee, 26-year-old Ryan Chiachiere, heard Imus’ racist invective against the women’s basketball team at Rutgers University.

Jamison Foser, the organization’s managing director, bragged to liberal reporter/critic Brad Kava at the San Jose Mercury News about Media Matter’s role in instigating the public uproar against Imus.

The bizarre reason Media Matters became so invested in the campaign against Imus was that the organization equated Imus’ racist comments with conservative values.

To the contrary, Imus stood as one of the few progressive/populist broadcasters in the entire talk-radio industry who had managed to attract a decent-sized audience, estimated by Talkers Magazine to be around 2.25 million listeners each week. His show was listened to by an influential list of liberal reporters, commentators, analysts and political activists.

One after the other, liberal reporters and commentators have stepped forth to offer a mea culpa for appearing on the Imus program, saying that they felt their appearances on Imus’ show helped legitimize their membership in the liberal media elite.

Newsweek magazine’s Howard Fineman confessed that he made regular appearances on the Imus program to enhance his “clout” among the liberal establishment:

I wanted to be where the action was on my beat. The show, however unsavory it could be, was one of those places. I thought, or perhaps only imagined, that being on the show gave me more clout on the beat.

The famously vulgar and liberal Time magazine blogger Ana Marie Cox expressed similar thoughts on why an invitation to be on the Imus show was so appealing to her:

I had been invited inside the circle, and to be perfectly honest, I was thrilled to be there. … I did the show almost solely to earn my media-elite merit badge.

When the Los Angeles Times noted that the loss of Imus’ radio program (and accompanying MSNBC simulcast) would hurt liberal causes and Democrat candidates for office, Media Matters launched an attack on the Times story because it showcased the non-conservative leanings of Imus.

This is standard practice for Media Matters and its incessant war against conservatism and the movement’s most prominent media figures.

The list of conservative figures targeted by Media Matters is endless: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Fred Barnes, Michelle Malkin, Oliver North, Ann Coulter, Debbie Schlussel and many others.

Media Matters was founded with the support and funding from key Democrat operatives, including John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. The group has documented ties to far-left organizations such as and the Center for American Progress – both of which have been funded by far-left billionaire George Soros.

I have lived on the other side of the gun barrel pointed by Media Matters for America for the better part of three years, and I know what it feels like when a bunch of crackpots with keyboards pull the trigger, backed by millions upon millions of dollars in funding from George Soros.

I co-host “The Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show,” a conservative news/talk program on KSFO 560 AM in San Francisco, every weekday morning for four hours. Liberals are disgusted that our conservative program is one of the most-listened to radio programs in the notoriously liberal San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve endured several vicious campaigns waged against us by liberal activists with the backing of Media Matters for America, as they worked ruthlessly to have us silenced.

Several times these left-wing free speech Nazi’s have almost succeeded.

The transcripts and audio files of my comments have been excerpted, misrepresented and reconfigured to take statements out of context, reprinted with lies and distortions, and then disseminated to other liberal media outlets with fierce resolve.

The Democratic Party wants to silence us, and they use Media Matters for America to wage a war against us replete with character assassination, personal threats, lawsuits and efforts to have us fired or suspended.

I can live with being targeted by these “vile, despicable ankle-biters,” as Bill O’Reilly calls Media Matters. In an odd way, the attacks against me have energized me to fight even harder for the conservative causes I believe in. One of those causes includes the right to bear arms, a right that had been denied to the students and professors at Virginia Tech University who were unable to defend themselves from a deranged murderer who took no notice of the school’s status as a “Gun Free Zone.”

But make no mistake – the campaign by Media Matters for America against Don Imus is part of their way to send a message to conservatives on the airwaves and in print: “We’re comin’ to get you. We got Imus. And we’ll get you, too.” It is a chilling threat to our free speech rights in this country.

Now, with their current crusade in support of the gun control lobby, Media Matters is targeting our Second Amendment rights as well.

Like that mentally unbalanced and angry gunman at Virginia Tech, they’ll methodically march through the domiciles of the conservative movement, targeting the movement’s leaders for career elimination – until and unless we stand up and fight back against their campaign of mayhem against conservative leaders and causes.

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