In 1967, against all the odds, Israel beat back the combined efforts of the Arab Legions to destroy the Jewish state, and in the process captured the territory on West Bank of the Jordan River from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

It was an astonishing and unexpected victory. Outnumbered many times to one, the Israelis cut through the combined armies of Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Algeria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia like a hot knife through butter.

In only six days, Israel found itself in possession of the whole of Jerusalem, the biblical territories of Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights and the Sinai. It was nothing short of a miraculous victory.

I believe that God gave that land back to the Israelites in accordance with His covenant with them. But then they began to trust in everything except their God to keep the nation at peace.

The first act of appeasement was to give away the Sinai in exchange for a “cold peace” with Egypt. The architect of that agreement, Anwar Sadat, was assassinated for making peace with Israel. There was dancing in the streets all over the Muslim world as they rejoiced over the death of what they called “the Traitor.” That Muslim attitude against the one who had made a treaty with them should have been a clear warning.

Because of continuous terrorist attacks and pressure from Western nations to get them to give back the so-called West Bank and Gaza for a Palestinian state, Israel began a fatal process of appeasement.

On Sept. 13, 1993, Israel agreed to surrender the land given them by God in 1967 in exchange for a cessation of terror attacks against the Jewish state and a promise of peace. The Oslo Agreement was based on a “land for peace” formula.

In exchange for land vital to Israel’s defense, Arafat offered to stop launching terrorist attacks against its civilian population.

But it soon became evident that Arafat never intended to make peace with Israel. One of the main parts of the Oslo Agreement was that the Palestinians would no longer use terrorism to try to force concessions in negotiations.

In September 2000, when the Oslo Agreement was due to come to fruition with the establishment of a Palestinian state “living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security,” Arafat launched what the Israelis dubbed “The Oslo War.”

It should be noted that Israel lived up to its side of the agreement, no matter what the politically correct revisionist historians might say.

By September 2000, the Palestinians were in control of the West Bank and Gaza, and Israel was huddled behind the same Green Line that it had been on the day before the Six Days War.

It had bargained away all of the land it won in 1967, trusting in Arafat’s word and the assurances of the international community instead of the promise of God.

According to a new report issued by the Israeli National Insurance Institute, of all the Israelis killed by terrorists since the country’s founding in 1948, more than half of them were murdered since September 2000.

Think of it! Fifty-three percent of all the casualties from all the terror attacks since 1948 were incurred after Israel had divested itself of its God-given buffer zone in exchange for a peace that never came.

Israel forgot the lessons their forefathers suffered and, as a consequence, is paying the price. When the Israelites came to Canaan from Egypt, Moses was given specific instructions from God not to make any agreements with the people of the land or their neighbors.

Now again in modern times Israel was miraculously enabled to crush the enemies that were trying to destroy her. And once again, the Israelis have entered into appeasement agreements with their enemies rather than trust the Lord. And they are reaping a whirlwind as a result.

Israel is the only nation on this planet that has a title deed to their land from God. The world does not want to recognize it. But When Israel’s Messiah returns, the world will be forced to recognize it.

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