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Notes on the Great War

Hidden behind the semantic fog bank of the liberal media, the Great War between good and evil roars on, now louder than ever, week by week.

Though “good” and “evil” are subject to debate and definition in a free society, the possible outcomes of the war come down to two: life or death.

In turn, that Great War between life and death is, when you peek behind the scenes, a global stage play wherein 6.4 billion puppets with free wills are acting out the improv drama of the greatest conflict of all, the Great War between God and Satan.

And in that war, my money is on God.

But in the short term, there’s a lot of highly visible conflict going on, and conflict is what sells papers and draws viewers.

Now, some of that conflict is manufactured, while some is quite real. So let’s try to sort out what’s real in the most annoying issues today.

To avoid writing a book-length opus, I’ll limit this column to the smelly realm of politics. And by way of introduction, I’ve never seen a time when so many disastrous measures have been introduced almost simultaneously. The attack is on.

In no particular order: